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If Muslim women agree to have a photo without a veil, for their passports so that they can travel around the world, what is the difference between having a photo for your driver's licence so that you can drive?

I totally agree with what Hilary has said. (OMG! I agree with Hilary! )

She wants the privledge of driving but doesnt want to sit for the required photo? Whats up with that? I wonder if it really bothers her that much, or if she wants to cry discrimination. some folks will do anything to stir the pot.....and that goes for every religion, race, etc.
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I don't think you were laughing at me (well, maybe you were, but that's ok). I hope I'm not coming across as too ignorant. I honestly don't know much about the Muslim faith. I'm just basing my opinion that I need to have a photo on my DL (most everyone knows that the DL photo is the worst photo ever taken), why should anyone else be different?

I know I'm not really able to have an intelligent discussion because theres so much I don't know about the facts of the situation. Again, I completely agree with the fact she has the right to challenge the law, I just think the law is right in this case.
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I have to say I really respect this woman for standing firm in her faith and what she believes in, but the end result may be that she forfits her driving privledges.

I'm sure the crux of the matter is as kama'aina mama says:
Her refusal to be photographed is interfering with Big Brother gathering a snapshot of every person in the country. And Big Brother doesn't like that.
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This woman shouldn't be allowed to drive...

She should be in prison. I no longer have any sympathy for this woman, having read this in the Times this morning:

Although the evidence wasn't permitted in court, the woman, Sultaana Freeman, was convicted of aggravated battery in Illinois, The Chicago Tribune reported, in the beating of her twin 3-year-old foster children. According to police reports, child welfare workers said she invoked religious modesty to hinder investigators from looking under the children's Muslim garb, where one daughter had a broken arm, and both were covered with bruises. The mother's mug shot was taken without a veil.
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Not to appear too intolerant, but if this Muslim woman were in a Muslim country, she could not acquire a driver's license nor could she acquire a passport to leave the country without her husband's permission.

So, she is in a Catch22 position. She is in a country in which the federal system allows her the freedom to change her religion and live that way without persecution; but there are state laws that require her to do something as actually take a picture so we can see her face for the PRIVILEGE of driving and establishing her correct identity.

No one guarantees her or anyone else the RIGHT to drive. Everyone's PRIVILEGE to drive is at the discretion of the state in which they acquire their license to drive.

The Judge who allowed her to go forth with this ridiculous law suit is an idiot.
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The United States is in a state of emergency and war since 9/11/01, and therefore certain "civil rights" can be suspended.

Abraham Lincoln suspended the federally constitutionally guaranteed writ of habeus corpus during the Civil War.

Some historians argue as to whether it was ever officially reinstated.

Therefore, she better get used to it and take off her veil. She may find she has less rights than she realizes.

And we may also.
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If she was convicted of aggravated battery in Illinois, for beating of her twin 3-year-old foster children, why is this picture for the driver's license even a question. It seems obvious to me she is using her "religious modesty" for her own purposes. How did this lawsuit even get to court?? The plot thickens....
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Good points. Screw the Bill of Rights! The hell with her right to practice her religion. Anyone who insists on their Constitutionally guaranteed rights is hiding something anyway.

Welcome to the United States of Eastern Europe.
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HB, that's a frightening story. And it's repulsive that she would use a religious concept of modesty in such a way, and hindering the children's getting treatment. And I no longer have any sympathy for her either.

But ...

One story has nothing to do with the other. Separate issues entirely.

Then again, as per my earlier suggestion in the thread, it would appear that her fingerprints are already on file.
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One story has nothing to do with the other. Separate issues entirely.
Perhaps. However, my point was that she should have been put in jail for harming those children long before there was an issue about her driving privileges.
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