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Definitely doable! I wear a MT almost exclusively now as ds is 28 months old and I would much rather have him on my back or front, instead of having him touch all the walls in the bathroom
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I found it is easier with a pouch or ring sling than with a mei tai, soft-structured carrier or wrap. And a skirt/dress facilitates things much more than pants. A high back carry, with everything tied well above the waist, also works, but you probably would be doing that as much with a nursing newborn while out. But no matter what carrier you are using, the portable toilets are always too small, .
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i wore baby in a mei tai in the fitting room today when i was trying on pants. not super easy, but she slept through the whole thing! and now i finally have a pair of post-preg pants that don't involve elastic or drawstring waists

i've tried a public restroom once. the biggest problem i had was fitting into the tiny stall. why, oh why do they design stalls with doors that swing inwards?
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Originally Posted by Llyra View Post
Caution: If you're wearing baby in a Mei Tai or anything else that has straps hanging down in back, remember to tuck them in before you sit down on the toilet. I made this mistake recently, and it was yucky!
I was just thinking the same thing. But, as long as you've got all the hanging bits tucked in, it is very easy to go to the bathroom. You might want to practice at home if you're going to be in any really yucky toilets.

One other thing, in my mei tai it is easy for clothing to bunch and pull up in random places if you aren't watching. So I always do a quick mirror check and smooth-down on the way out the restroom door, just to make sure I'm not flashing my belly button to anyone!!
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Originally Posted by kdabbler View Post
Sorry, I had to point this item out: BabyKeeper
For those of us who are baby wearing enlightened, I thought this was funny and well, just a little weird. A bit reminiscent of the joke dh and I have about using duct tape to keep our kids out of harms way.
Is this for real?? Something very disturbing about that. It just doesn't sit right with me. I know squirmy babes are hard to handle and you don't want them touching stuff in the bathrooms, but...hanging them on the door...I just don't like it..
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