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Well I went to bed last night with a killer backache, and some strong contrax....and woke up this morning refreshed and feeling NOTHING! : Incredible, no back ache, cramps or contractions...or anything else that has become normal....I did wake up only once in the night to pee and was fine.
Oh, body!! What ARE you doing?
It is a little frusterating...if I wasn't experiencing the false labour I'd be in no hurry to get the baby out...I can wait, I'm not overly uncomfortable. But c'mon, cramps for weeks, contrax for a will I know when it's realy it?? Oh, enough whining already:
Oh mama I am so right there with you some days I have like 30 ctx and not just BH, IT IS SO FREAKING ANNOYING! Like you said I would be in no particular hurry except for all this prodimal labor!
hang in there, you're not the only one.