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induction massage?

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Hello Ladies!
Has anyone else gotten an "induction massage" and seen anything come of it?

I recently went to a chain massage parlor at 38.0 weeks (my first was born at 40.6) and they gave me an induction massage. I really didn't think it would do anything because I figured if my body wasn't ready for labor then nothing would happen, so no harm, right?

Boy, was I surprised when four hours later I started some intense contractions and achiness all over, which I hadn't felt this pregnancy at all before then, only occasional BH toning contractions. These intense contractions only lasted a couple hours, but then returned for the next three nights and now I feel like my baby is much lower and I'm having mucous discharge. Last night I didn't have any more of these new contractions, though, so I'm wondering if all this prodromal labor was just brought on by that massage and is now petering out for good.

My homebirth midwife was a little ticked that I did the induction massage with a "non-professional" and so "early" in gestation, but I still don't see harm if it really is up to my body to decide when it will kick into actual labor and also if I don't complain about the prodromal labor (which I found very exciting).

What do you think? Have you run into this before?
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There's a local woman who does accupuncture. She says she can do that to get you into labor, but only if your body is ready.
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With my first I had an acupuncture induction done closer to 40 wks and it did nothing labor-wise, although was very relaxing.

I'm trying to be thankful that I'm having any labor at all and spreading it out, no matter how long till the big day, rather than doing it all at once like a big marathon.
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Induction massage did NOTHING for me...well, it did give me a moment of relaxation. Mind you, I was already 2 weeks overdue.
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I am having a massage later tonight, and I'm hoping it doesn't start anything! What's the difference between a regular massage and an induction massage?
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With the induction massage she specifically focused her work on pressure points for labor induction - areas like the inside of the ankles and the legs. As far as I know, a regular massage should not induce anything unless your body is about to go into labor anyway and for some reason has some muscle tension stopping it...
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