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midwife apt today... cross your fingers

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just wanted to stop by and announce that I have an apt with my midwife today, and I really really am hoping I show some sort of progress... I'm 41 weeks now and so far nothing is happening... I'm getting very anxious and want some baby vibes sent my way!

I don't think I can wait any longer to meet my little guy!
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Can't wait to hear how your app't went!
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Nothing really exciting at all... I'm a "fingertip" dilated and 50% effaced. woohoo. : So I have an apt Monday at which point they will want to induce me. I don't know how I feel about that. I'm so frustrated and so tired and so sick of being pregnant that I cried the whole way home. I just had to get it out. This past week has been the longest week of my life, and now I have to wait another week, and I know I need to be patient and let him come but at this point trying to get things moving a little faster isn't sounding too bad... I'm just so stressed. One of the reasons I'm so frustrated about going overdue is my work situation, I only get 4 weeks off or I will lose my insurance... and I stopped working on my due date, thinking It was going tobe soon... and now that I'm going to be running on 42 weeks I've already wasted half of my leave. I just don't know.

sorry about the whiny post, I just am havin one of those days. And I know I need to be patient, and I should be thankful bc I really am blessed. I've just been so stressed dealing with money and insurance and family issues and everything. I really need to relax somehow... :
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oh my goodness I can understand your frustration, especially with your leave situation, that would be very stressful. I think if your other option is to be induced by the mw I would be trying some more natural means, I think that would definitely be a better alternative. Really, really hoping that this lil' one decides to come quick for you!
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i have been trying everything I know of. I've been walking... which is really uncomfortable with all the pressure, so I had hoped it was doing more good than it has... stretching, eating anything spicy, lots of pineapple, rrl tea... dp and I have been having lots of sex... 3 times in 24 hours ... and none of it has done any good.

the only other thing I know of is castor oil, but I don't know much about it at all. I'm going to look into it though. Do you think it really works? The only thing Ive heard about it is that it is really nasty... but honestly I don't care... I'd take anything at this pt. if it were really going to work. can anyone tell me more about it?? or does anyone have any other ideas??
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have you tried nipple stimulation??
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not really as I don't yet have a pump, but they do get some stimulation from dp I'm guessing this isn't enough to really make anything happen... I may go out tonight and get myself a pump and do 5 min of pumping every 45 minutes-an hour. does that sound about right?

and if colostrum is being pumped out will it still be there for the baby when he is actually born? might be a silly question, but i'd feel like I was wasting it if i'm pumping anything out...
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DP can do nipple stim for you if he is willing - you need to do both breasts - at the same time or take turns. I have seen different recommendations as far as timing. Also, have you looked up acupressure? I didn't try it, but I heard it can work. Try also a foot massage, or whatever kind of massage really relaxes you. You can also have DP do some visual imagery where you imagine your cervix opening. Try setting a date with a reason attached - like, I will have the baby Thursday because I will have my closet cleaned out (or something). Also, make sure there is nothing that you are nervous or scared about and if there is, talk it out. Also, walk ALOT! Do you have a dog or can you borrow one? Especially one that won't whimp out after a block or so?

Good luck!
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Statistically, you should have your baby this week. I know that doesn't help much...

Thinking of you and sending tons of baby vibes!
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thanks for the support mamas

Just to keep you updated -
I just tried some nipple stim, I bought a manual pump and pumped for 20 minutes, alternating sides every 5 minutes or so. and nothing has come of it yet.

I also bought some castor oil, but I'm only going to use it as a last resort. Also got some more rrl tea, and some massage oils. I'm just going to try to relax this evening and I guess I'll keep up with the nipple stim every hour or so and see if it does any good. No ctx right now, but babe is moving around a lot. hmm...

my nipples are a bit sore... i guess that should be expected?

I'm really hoping something happens soon.
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Hopefully he will come soon! Hang in there!
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Awww, I feel bad for you! I hope things start happening for you soon, and that that baby comes out quick! Hang in there...keep us posted!
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thanks guys. looks like im off to bed with nothing much to report... I've been trying the nipple stimulation on and off all night, and feel nothing but my usual, mild bedtime ctx. but who knows, maybe it'll pick up overnight... :
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I hope you don't feel the need to use the castor oil, it can actually dehydrate you pretty badly, which puts both you and your baby at risk. My friend's ob suggested it to her and she went to the pharmacy to buy some and while there asked a pharmacist about it inducing labour, and the pharmacist told her all it will do is give her dirreaha (sp?) and make her feel very sick and could possibly land her in hospital hooked up for fluids, worst case it could cause serious distress with the baby which could lead to a c-section. The pharmacist also told her it was irresponsible of her ob to suggest it, since in some cases it can be very dangerous.
I have another friend who took it because her dr told her to, and she said that she has never been so sick in her life. Violently ill for 2 days, barely left the bathroom. She started labour on her own several days later.
I'm just very suprised that it's still suggested. I would not recommend taking it. I'm sure there are others who would stand by using it, I just don't think it's worth it, personally.
I am sending happy birth vibes your way, good luck!
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