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Originally Posted by Jilian View Post
Apparently you can't bring babies to visit but I didn't know until we were leaving and the nurses thought I was stealing a baby
Too funny!
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lol! It seems like a silly rule... all they'd have to do is check for the cord to see that your baby is a bit too old to be there.
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J- that's hilarious! Did they have to do a headcount on the maternity floor? LOL!

Dd's birthday is next week and I'm still not sure if we will be having a party. I will keep you ladies posted if we do decide to something.
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Hey G,

If you decide to do a party, and you need help with any prep, let me know. I think A would enjoy helping out for R's big day.

BTW we would like to bring you food! When is a good day? Wednesday next week would be excellent for us, or before then if you are feeling frazzled Can't wait to see the wee one!
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A, I still have your baking dish! Sorry it has taken me a while to get it back to you.
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A- any day would be good for us! Just give me a call in the AM so I know to expect you guys. I tend to live in my pajamas these days And my house is a disaster area!
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Hey Mamas! I had to bump this up. We were on page 2

How is everyone doing? DH goes back to work FT tomorrow. Yikes! I think I can manage, well I have to anyway.
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Yeah we've been pretty quiet lately! G I wish I could help you during the day but I think I am on everyday this week. Is he working nights? If he is I can bring you dinner after I pick up T
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Just saying hi, everyone!
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N- we haven't seen you at school. Are you dropping off instead of going to the classroom? How is everything?
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Hi everyone!

G, how is it going with C back to work?
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Hi everybody,

I saw there's a latex mattress (king size) coming up for auction in Venice, in case anybody's interested:


It's by Nature's Rest. We bought a new king a couple years ago so we're set.

We are doing the Forrest Nelson library meetups on Wednesdays starting next week for the 3-5yo group. Mom-and-me time for just me & A (yay!). You can call them to reserve a spot, and they also have other days/times for other age groups.

J - Forgot to mention... Don't worry about the casserole dish, I'll see you sometime to pick it up and we can use other stuff in the kitchen meantime.
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A, that site is interesting, can anyone go to an auction and bid? I didn't even know there were auctions like that around here. They have some nice things.
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Hey J,

Yep, anyone can go. I have never seen a private, invite-only type auction around here.

BTW Auctionzip is pretty fabulous for scanning auctions nationwide, even though it's a pretty clunky interface. Before that I used to have to check the paper for upcoming sales that are local.

I am an auction junkie... or at least I was, before kids. Since A was born I think I've been to 3 or 4. I made sure to go to bunches (mostly in the midwest) while I was still preggers and could travel. Also I used to work at one as the clerk (ie the record keeper during live sales).
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Hi ladies!
Aiea~interesting about the auctions! I remember going to many auctions as a kid, livestock, antique, furniture, you name it. I haven't been to one since I was about 10, lol. Fun!
I wanted to tell you and Shane 'thank you' for having us over after dance, it was fun!! I wonder if anyone would be willing to come down to my house after dance one week. I could host if so

Jillian~can I bring you dinner next week? Would Mon. or Tues. work? LMK!! How are you all doing? How's baby? ...and school?

G~it was so nice to see you guys last week! Little S is so adorable. Would you like company next week? LMK. We are up that way Thrs for dance.

How is everyone else?! Seems like it's been quiet in here~with the new babies and school starting we have all been busy huh...?
I hope to see everyone soon!
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A, I had no idea. Up in MA it seemed like all the auctions were private so I've never looked into auctions.

Thanks D, we are well. School is going pretty well too. How are you and the kids doing? We'd love dinner and any day of the week is fine.
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Hey ladies,

Maybe we can meetup at an auction sometime! If I see one I need or want to attend, I will let you all know. It may be relatively easy to bring kids and have them hang out nearby. One auction in PG used to have a fenced playground in the parking lot so we may be able to arrange something.

D - We would love to play at your house, though by now you probably know my usual disclaimer... "I just need a few days' notice to figure out my schedule".

FYI My mom just wrote me with this info, she's shopping for Christmas:

Kohl's has 40% off all Fisher Price, Little Tikes and Playskool toys.
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Thanks A! I love Kohls. I wonder if that applies to online too? I'll check it out.
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Jillian~I'll be driving by your way tomorrow afternoon after C's photography class. I'm not sure what the time will be though, can I call you when we are on the way? I imagine it wouldn't be any later than 4pm. Is that a good time to bring you food?

Aiea~We could play over here anytime, but if you want some notice that is a good idea~I need some notice too, lol. Right now half of the house has become my work area and it is a mess. When is good for you? We can plan ahead Everyone here is also invited, as soon as we can set a time and day
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Thanks D! I have to leave here to pick up A at school at 2 and I'm usually back just after 3. You can call or if tomorrow is not a good day for you that is ok too. BTW we've gotten so many compliments on A's dress that you made for her, it is just beautiful!
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