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Oh I love that dress! She must look so cute it in it.

Do you guys want together the families for a pot luck or cookie swap or something on one of these weekends? I can host. We have a swing set and lots for the kiddo's to do outside, so hopefully it will cool down soon. It's been a while since we've all gotten together, and now that T and A are in school they'll miss any weekday meet-ups. R's bday is this weekend but maybe one the the following weekends?
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...did I miss the details of R's birthday?

Jillian~I can call you, but I don't have your number. Can you pm it to me? Tomorrow works, so we will be by between 4 and 5, if that's alright with you
I'm glad you like the dress. It was so tiny... I can't imagine it will fit her for very long, lol.

MJW~A potlock sounds like a great idea. fun!
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Potluck does sound fun!

R's bday is this weekend, G sent us a group email a while back.

Thanks so much for dinner D! It was great and the kids even liked it (which is rare these days)

M, I sent A to school today with a bag of 3 shirts for T, did he make it home with them? If not they might still be in the classroom.
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They did make it home with him thank you! Do you know what's up with the new teacher in the class? Tyler told me he has 3 teachers now, but Ms A was in another class the last few days. I hope Ms A is not moving rooms, we really like her.

So it looks like the available weekends in Oct are the 17-18 or the 24-25, Halloween is the following weekend, or we are looking into Nov, maybe the 7th-8th. J and G are you comfortable with the little ones in groups this soon or do you want to put it off til Nov?
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M, when we had a meeting 2 weeks ago they told us Mrs. A was attending a workshop so t he older assistant was just filling in for her. But then Mrs. A came back last Wed for a day and has been gone ever since. I'm not sure what is going on but it looks like she may be switching classrooms I really liked her too so I hope she stays. I'm not a big fan of the new assistant.

I'm fine with bringing the baby out and about. We've started venturing out last week. Any weekend in Oct works for us but we'll be out of town the first weekend in Nov for my sister's wedding.
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No! I am so disappointed. T really likes her. It would be nice if they would let the parents know wtf is going on. I hate how they move teachers around so much. The kids are supposed to have the same teacher for 2 years .
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Originally Posted by mjw2003 View Post
No! I am so disappointed. T really likes her. It would be nice if they would let the parents know wtf is going on. I hate how they move teachers around so much. The kids are supposed to have the same teacher for 2 years .
In my experience they do a lot of behind the scenes switches without telling parents. Last year they closed A's classroom down and only told me the Friday before he was supposed to go to a new classroom. Every day A would tell me a new kid left his class until there were only 2 kids left and I asked what was going on. That is how I found out the class was closing. It is frustrating! Now I make sure to ask what is going on all the time, that is the only way to find out. I wonder who the 3rd teacher is that he's talking about? I'll ask A, maybe it is Miss Jennifer that comes in to help him.
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I think the boys said her name was Ms Joan? Does that sounds familiar? T said he liked her. Maybe I'll shoot of an email to Ms A tonight and ask her what's going on. Do you have her email? They gave it to us on the opening night I just have to try to find that paperwork.
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and I can't believe they did that to A's class and didn't tell you til the last minute. It was obviously in the works for a while so whats the harm in keeping the parents updated?
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That name doesn't sound familiar. I missed opening night so I don't have email addresses but if you go to the IVMS website you should be able to send an email to the teachers through the classroom page. I'm just not sure if they check it regularly. His teachers last year did not.
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I asked todat at pickup and Miss A is still in their class, she's just filling in for another teacher right now. They have 5 teachers out so they had to do some shuffling around.
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Oh good! I'm glad Thanks for asking. That's a lot a teachers out. She must be a sub b/c she's not on the site.
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Since Halloween is getting close I wanted to let you all know that they close down the streets in my neighborhood on Halloween evening and it is lots of fun. All of my neighbors bring chairs to the end of their driveways and sit down and hand out candy. You are all welcome to come trick-or-treating here with us if you want and if the kids get tired or need to use the bathrooms my house is open.
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Phew, I haven't checked this thread in a while! It was so great seeing you all on Saturday. Thanks for coming! Wasn't that great? I think we might end up doing that for ds too. It saved me a lot of work

M- A potluck would be awesome!

I was also thinking of hosting a pumpkin painting party. I can't deal with the knives and mess of carving this year. What do you think and what days and times work for you guys?
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It was nice seeing you too and your sweet little baby girl! Any time during the day works for us.

When is Ina May coming for the book signing? Is it Sarasota library? I'm giddy with excitement, I idolize her :
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J- here are the events I saw with Ina May



Marie Mongan will also be in there

We usually go to PG to trick or treat but your neighborhood sounds fun too. I'll keep that it mind

G- The party was fun! Friday works best for me right now and we'd love to paint some pumpkins

Also FYI: Sarasota pumpkin festival

This event will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 30th and 31st, from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. at Phillippi Estate Park, 5500 S Tamiami Trl, Sarasota FL. There is NO ADMISSION FEE. The Sarasota Pumpkin Festival, a non-profit event that relies entirely on donations from individuals and businesses to make the Sarasota Pumpkin Festival Happen. All proceeds go entirely to All Children?s Hospital and The Fallen Warriors Foundation.

So Come to Sarasota to enjoy all things pumpkin - that will feature carnival games and rides, arts & crafts, live entertainment and MUSIC, a taste of Sarasota featuring delicious food and beverages from Sarasotas finest restaurants (including a beer garden), lots of games, pie eating contests and a fun zone, PUMPKIN TOWER, hay rides, a Not so Scary Haunted house and Safe Trick or Treating for both evenings.
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Thanks for the info M! That pumpkin festival sounds great and I think the kids have Oct 30 off of school and it benefits All Childrens : I could never thank them enough for what they did to help Evan. I'm going to try to go.

Last weekend we went to Fruitville grove in Sarasota to their pumpkin festival to get pumpkins. It was fun! They had tons of pumpkins and lots of other things to do too.
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Hey everyone,

J - So glad to see you out & about last weekend! A looks like she is doing beautifully. We can't make it to NP area for Halloween, sorry! We will be in Tampa and then on 10/31 at my babysitter's church in PC.

M - I love the idea of a potluck! Name the time, we will definitely try to make it.

I just got an email this AM that a breastfeeding shop is going out of business:


It's where I got my Bravado bras... D, if you still need some, they are discounting the whole site 20% and further discounts as time goes by.
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Hi everyone,

So for the potluck it looks like we can do this Sunday (short notice sorry), the following weekend is Halloween, and the weekend after that J's sis is getting married, so the next open weekend would be Nov 14th-15th. How are those days looking for you all?
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we can do this sunday or mid nov
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