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C will be home, so he is able to come.
Aiea, I'll bring some stuff to give you for the family in need, thank you!
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I have a bag of clothes to go with you A.

My friend from college moved to FT Myers this year and is coming to the potluck. She's excited to meet some other crunchy mama's as all of her new friends here are really mainstream. I told her we exist down here is just takes a little searching They have a 2 year old dd.
And DH invited his friend and wife and they have a 2 year old dd too. They are new to the area. I haven't met them yet but he said they are very nice.
If it matters as far as the quantities, as of now we have 15 adults, 10 kids that eat food, and 4 babies
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I still can't come up with anything to make. Is anyone doing fruits/veggies/cheese platter? If not I can do that. I'm very uncreative these days. Any other suggestions are welcome
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Make that 17 adults/12 kids/4 babies. Wow I don't know how I'm going to fit all these people in my house, lol. Thank goodness (as of now) the high is 85, so at least the kids can play outside some of the time .

J- a platter sounds great! I was thinking this morning we didn't have anything fresh like that. I'll get chips and dip, so we'll put the platter out with that for an app
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I am making arroz con pollo and blondies. Wow, it'll be fun! I hope its ok, but I am waiting for DH to get out of work. We should be there at about 3:15. I am picking him up at the hotel and driving straight there. His car is about to die, so we may be back to one car again. Ugh.

And M, I know a couple of nice Mamas in Ft Myers. Is your friend here on MDC?
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We'll be there around 2:30 or so. I'm going to make chicken taco dip with fresh chips and maybe some cinnamon crisps as a dessert
It'll be fun!!
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Hey Guys,

Today was fun. I am tired. Bookkeeping beckons...
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It was fun, it was nice to see everyone and be able to chat. I wish we could have stayed longer but Evan was tired and we knew there was no recovering from that meltdown.
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It was wonderful to see everyone! MJW~thank you for hosting All of the food was fabulous and the kids had a blast!
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It was fun! We'll have to do it again. All the food was so yummy (I was wishing I had leftovers last night!) and it was great to see everyone .
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M- thanks for hosting!

It was nice to see everyone! I know we briefly discussed it, but I wanted to know if anyone was up for pumpkin painting at my house on Friday. Any time of day works for me. LMK what you guys think.

Is anyone planning to go see the Safe Motherhood Quilt on Sat AM? How about the panel on Sunday?

We always do trick or treating in historic PG. Anyone care to join us? M- are you guys up to it this year?
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We're free on Friday, and school is out so T will be home. Anytime of the day is fine with me. We had fun the last few years going to PG, that's our plan What time? Now all I have to do is get my dc in costumes, neither one of them wants to wear one. I think I have the only kids who don't like to dress up for Halloween, lol.
I would enjoy the events this weekend, but it's too much with Halloween on Sat, plus I want to spend lots of time with my dc on the weekend since I don't see them much during the week. I don't want to leave them for an afternoon if I don't have to.
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Hi everyone,

We will be at the Saturday event with Ina May. We will be in PC Saturday night for the Halloween thing at babysitter's church.

On the meal prep for the grieving family - There's another group of people organized to do meals right now. That means our group is on "second shift" so to speak and probably not needed until sometime in November. Will keep you posted. I gave everything donations-wise to my contact today.

G - I cannot do Friday but I know it'd be fun. We have to head to Tampa for sister's house party.

One last thing - I signed up to buy wholesale from the Frontier Co-op. It's organic/natural stuff, mostly herbs, spices, teas, and a lot of health/hygiene products. Nothing perishable. We have made one order already and some of the stuff is really very cheap. It's the same cost the health food store pays.

This time around I was wondering if you all might want to order along with us, because if we pool our order and reach a subtotal of $250, shipping's free.

Here's the link to their catalog:


Beware, it's nearly 300 pgs and will take a long time to download. I have two print copies of the catalog if anyone wants to pass them around.

There's a co-op in Tampa who orders every so often like this, and manages their purchases through a free user group like Yahoo I think. It may be easiest to use a similar set-up if there's interest.
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Ooo- A I love Frontier! I just made a large order with vitacost for shampoo,etc and to fill my natural medicine cabinet. But I will definitely order with you regularly in the future. Great deals!!!
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I plan to be at the library Sat and probably the panel on Sun also. I'm excited!

We are going trick-or-treating in Gulf gate. We got used to going there when I lived there and now that C's dad lives there we will all go together. We always have a good time C hasn't chosen a costume yet. I was hoping he would be Einstein, but he thinks he wants to be a garbage man, lol. V will be Dorothy from Wiz of Oz. P will wear a skeleton onesie... original~I know but I just don't feel much into the halloween thing this year. Our decorations are still in the box on my living room floor... eh well. They'll get candy and then I'll probably throw most of it away, I'm mean like that

Anyway... I'm not sure about fri. I think I might have to take C to his Dad's. I can find out tomorrow. I would like to come, it sounds like fun!
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I'm pretty sure we'll be around on Friday too.

A, I love frontier! I was ordering through N's sister up in Tampa and picking up from N in Sarasota but you're a lot closer. I'm sure I can add a few things to the order. We get all of our vitamins and bath stuff from them. The prices are great!
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A- count us in for Frontier as well

M and J- are we on for Friday? What time works best for you guys? I wish everyone could make it

I think we will plan to be in PG at 5pm on Sat for trick or treating. D, dh and I ransack the kids candy. We are mean like that

I plan on being at the library on Sat and the panel on Sunday. I really hope the kids behave on Sat. My sis is meeting me up there on Sunday and will take the older 2 for a bite to eat during the panel
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G, any time works for us on Friday but E is usually more manageable before noon. After noon he is apparently incapable of rational thinking We have our own pumpkins to bring too

We totally steal the kids candy too. We even make them trick or treat more so we can get more candy :
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G we are free anytime after 9:30. What size pumpkins should I get? The mini ones or small rounds ones? Do you need anything else (brushes, paint, snacks, etc?)
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I forgot to add that we are in for Frontier too!! Gotta stock up and get some stuff for the holidays too

We are not going to be able to come to your place, G. The kids have runny noses. No other symptoms, but I want to make sure to keep the germies here.
We need a day off anyway.
Have fun with the pumpkins! We are carving ours today...
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