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Happy New Year everybody!

I think A is a little stir crazy, she's asking for a playdate. Anybody want to meet at a park in the next few days? We are flexible as to the day & time.
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Happy New Year!

We just got back from MA- and I have to go back to work. Boo! But I almost always have Fridays off because that's delivery day, so we would love to get together on a Friday. And I probably have 2 more months left in me and my schedule will be open wide As far as I know, G is offline so you may want to give her a call. Hope you all are doing well and that everyone had a nice holiday. T had a Birthday so we're having a party soon. Probably Sat the 16th, if not the following Sat. Hope that works for everyone
Looking forward to seeing you all soon
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Welcome back M!

We'd love to get together and any day works for us. How are you feeling? You must be at the halfway point huh?

We are giving homeschooling a try possibly for the rest of the year. Any tips on math and reading programs?
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Hi everyone!

Wow, it's brisk out there today! I thought this was Florida!

Jillian, since I am very seriously considering pulling dd2 and homeschooling, I've done a lot of research on this. What kind of things are important to you with curriculum and what kind of learner is your ds? Math programs especially differ widely in their approach. I know IVMS uses the Singapore series in the older grades (my dd1 in 4th is using it) and it's a widely popular program for homeschoolers too. I don't love it for other reasons (I think my kids need more review and less abstract conceptual thinking at the earlier stages) and am looking into either Horizons or Saxon.

For English/phonics, it also depends on where your ds is holding with his reading skills, etc. and whether you want a phonics based program or not. I lean heavily toward the classical approach in general because I'm a literary type person and a historian/political scientist by profession. I like the Well Trained Mind recommendations for language arts (check out their homeschool forums also, there's a wealth of great info there).

I also like the Sonlight curricula a lot, at least as a jumping-off point (everything is taught through the lense of history and literature, based on read-alouds etc.) and you can find most of the materials in libraries if you don't want to buy the program. www.sonlight.com

I know there are other homeschooling moms here who will be more helpful!
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Thank you so much nica! I did a lot of research a few years ago but gave up when DS's dad was not on board. Now that he's on board I'll have to go searching for my notes but sonlight sounds really, really familiar. I think it is one of the few I narrowed it down to. I know there was another one that was Christian based that got good reviews and had the option of omitting the religious materials if you wanted.

DS is a hands on learner and loves the computer so if I could find something that worked with the computer he'd be happy. I guess I have a lot more research to do!
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Sonlight does allow you to easily weed out the religious materials if you want.

Hands on/computer based...I'd also check out Math U See and Right Start Math. If he really likes the Montessori approach, there's a Montessori math curriculum called, I think, Schiller Math (something like that) which is expensive, but gets very good reviews for being Montessori-true and great for hands-on learners.
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Hi ladies! I used to be on MDC a looong time ago and have recently gotten back into it. I'm in North Port.

My oldest is going to be starting K in the fall and of course I am really freaking out. I'm vascillating between Island Village South and the Imagine School. Any suggestions - I'm totally open.

I'd prefer IVMS, but I've heard a few people trashing it lately and it has me a little worried. I have no info about Imagine, other than a neighbor (someone I've talked to like 5 times) sends her son (who didn't fit in at IVMS) and he's doing great.

Oops - having a fish emergency BRB!
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Welcome back to MDC! My son goes to IVMS and loves it. He wants to go every day and we have not had any issues. We loves his teachers, I highly recommend them- he's in Room 2. I was really nervous about sending him to school too (we started with pre-k last year) but it has been great for him. He used to be very shy and clingy and now is friendly and loves his independence. School is not for everyone but for us it's been the right choice. Is your ds in pre-k? That really helped with my ds, because he had never been away from me, not even with babysitters. Kindergarten is a full day and pre-k got him ready for that. He had no issues transitioning into IVMS.

Hi J! I'm about 23 weeks, it's going by really fast! I'm tired but that's to be expected. I'm sorry it didn't work out for A at IVMS, but you will find a better situation. I saw your post about the house. OMG- what a great deal I wish I wasn't stuck with my mortgage, I could really use a 4 bedroom! Good luck I hope you get the house you want
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Thanks mjw! And thanks for the reassuring words about IVMS - it's nice to hear. Registration starts on the 20th, so I am going to go ahead and register Sophie for K. She's never been in school before (or really, away from me before), but I think she will do ok - she's a pretty independent kid.

23 weeks - how exciting! Do you know what you are having?

The fish emergency - one of them jumped ship on a suicide mission, and we had to do some rescue proceedures - good to know it is safe and swimming again!
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Welcome, HM!

I have two daughters at IVMS (one in 4th grade, one in first grade) and they are happy there. If it wasn't for this school I'd certainly be homeschooling (might, but for other reasons not related to the school itself). Although they can sometimes be a bit behind the curve organizationally, it is a great, warm, place and my kids are flourishing, love school, and are learning a lot!
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Yeay - thanks Nickarola! I'm fine with it being a little disorganized (I am, myself) as long as the staff is caring and the kids are learning!

Cool that you are a runner. I've always talked about starting, but haven't quite gotten there yet. I'm thinking about a Couch to 5K if I can figure out time with my DH so I can exercise.
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HM, come on over to the Dingo tribe in Fitness & Weight Management...MDC mamas run!

If you ever want to meet up, I"m happy to join -- we can meet at a track if you want to walk/run/go slow and just have a chat.

Running keeps me sane, truly. You know what they say -- it's cheaper than therapy (even with shelling out for shoes, running bras, and assorted whatnots).
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Thanks so much for the offer! I am really trying to focus on my health this year, so I am going to work with my husband to arrange some 'me' time. Is there a track that you go to? I don't have any help with the kids, but maybe if I put Sophie on her bike and Nora in the Ergo I could at least get walking!!
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23 weeks - how exciting! Do you know what you are having?
Yes, we are having a boy!
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HM- I just realized when I saw your kids names, that we met at the DW when the newspaper interviewed the CP group. I had my 2 year old dd with me. Nice to see you here too. I hope to start coming to your LLL meetings next month
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Hi HM, I remember you from LLL. My son is the one who recently left IVMS but it has more to do with him than the school. The school really is great. I'm probably gonna send my other 2 there if I don't homeschool them. DS1 is on the spectrum and charter schools don't work out so hot for SN kids. That was our main issue. I do have to say that the teachers are all pretty great and the ESE is more than great. We miss her already.
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MJW - Good to see you here! Your DD was so cute!! Hopefully we will see you at the end of the month!

Jilian - You were the first MDC'er I ever met - we went to some park in Sarasota, and you were PG with your DS #2. I didn't think you would remember me!
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I remember and Sophie was so sweet. DS1 thought she was just adorable.
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He was the first 'big kid' she had ever really played with. He was so sweet to her!
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Hi everybody!

This board has been so quiet, from me too. I guess life is moving along and no time for checking in here.

I wanted to mention to those who are nearby that DD1 & I are always free on Tuesday mornings, and usually on Sunday afternoons we (the whole family) are at a park like Kidspace or Franz Ross.

If anyone wants to meet up either day, LMK. We would love more playdates.
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