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Hi again,

News Flash - We are sad to say that our babysitter is leaving sometime soon, as her DH has a new job about 3 hours north. She's been so good to us, it's like we are losing a member of the family.

Because of this, we are looking for new child care arrangements. We're not sure what yet... Either a preschool or in-home day care or a nanny to care for the kids part-time at our house or theirs. We have time to figure all this out, but I wanted to get the word out and start searching now. LMK if you have advice, a favorite preschool, or people interested.

Hope people are still reading this board... I know many of us are connected on Facebook so I'll post the news there too.
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I don't have any suggestions for you, but I am sorry that your sitter is leaving! It's so hard to find someone that is a good fit, and it sounds like you really cared about her.
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Hi hippiemama,

Thanks for your kind words. The more I think about this change, the more I'm embracing it. It will free up some $ that can be put toward DH's income (he's unemployed) + create a new structure for preschool and/or child care, and we can custom-fit our needs because of this transition.

Also, our sitter will be "only" 3 hours away, nearby Grandma's house... just right for weekend get-togethers. She & I are already planning how our two families will manage to get a fix of each others' company, long distance and in-person. Change is good, change is good, change is good... !
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I really hope you're able to find something that works A! I'm sorry you're losing your beloved sitter but I'm happy to hear that you'll still be able to visit her.

We'd love to get together sometime soon too! What is everyone's schedule like? Maybe we can plan a playdate soon? We're free all the time now.
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Hey Jilian,

Thank you. We are figuring it out, and will continue to for the next several weeks. G had also mentioned maybe a get-together this week. We would love it! We'll be at the Harbor Heights park day on Thursday about 11:30 AM. Or we could meet up Friday pretty easily.

What do you guys want to do?
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We've been meaning to make it to a harbor heights park day so maybe we'll try to get out there on Thurs!
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We plan to be at HH Thrs too.
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It looks like the hs group may be changing parks tomorrow due to the cold coming off the river. I'm not sure where though... a new park near the skate park??
I got a msg via fb. I can forward it on if you didn't get it...

*edited to add that now they are saying that they will be at HH... :/
Kinda last minute! If I find out definately where they are going I'll post it on FB.

AIEA~we'll see you at dance tomorrow!!
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Hi, everyone! My dh lost his job and is applying for one in the Sarasota area. Can anyone tell me about living here? Is it affordable to buy a 3+ bedroom house? Or rent one (where pets are ok-we have cats and a big dog) in the meanwhile?
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Hi Kitty. Sarasota is really nice! Most of us live south of Sarasota. Sarasota is like the "Big City" of our area, there is so much to do. The home prices are a lot higher compared to other places in the area, but still affordable compared to other states. Where are you coming from? If your H will be working in Sarasota you could also consider living in Venice or Bradenton (both are one town over). There are also lots of foreclosed bank owned homes to chose from and you can get a good deal on these homes. Good luck with the job hunt! Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
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Hi Everyone!

Welcome Kitty! I love Sarasota. Like Jill said, there is so much to do. People are nice and you can find lots of AP moms. There is a large homeschooling network around here, as well as a Waldorf school, and my ds is at a charter Montessori school. There is a whole foods and an organic farm. You are very close to the ocean so you get the nice breeze. It's a good time to buy in FL as the prices are low, and there are lots of rental properties. Let us know if you will be coming down, we will be happy to help with recommending areas to live.

Glad to see us back on here, it's been a while! I am cutting my hours as my feet and legs are done. So I will have some free time finally and would love to get together. S is starting to play really well with other kids and enjoys the play dates now too. A- I have an appt with Harmony this Tues morning but maybe next week. Do you guys want to have another potluck? It's fun to get everyone together
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Thank you both! It sounds awesome! We are currently in Illinois, so it's quite a change for us, but my dh's teaching position was just eliminated and Manatee Community College has an opening for what he does, so hopefully we'll get lucky! The campuses are also Venice/Bradenton, so hopefully we can find something affordable. We just bought our house, so will probably have to take a loss to sell it if we end up moving.

But now you have encouraged me. We probably won't find out for at least another month about the job. Thank you!
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Hi M! I'm happy to hear that you're able to cut your hours back. A potluck sounds nice
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Hi Mamas!

We haven't all gotten together all at once in a long time! A potluck sounds lovely! I haven't even been to the park days. I'm just so burned out. You guys know how it is.

A- did you get my email about the sitter?

A and D- did you hear that dance is moving?
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Yes, potlucks rock!
...and seeing all of you guys is great too
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Hi Ladies!! As far as the potluck goes.. does anyone else want to host? A- you mentioned u might like to. If not I will be happy to host again. As of now any weekend in March works for me A- I have E's baby toy- found tucked in the side of the rocking chair. I will get that to you when we see you.

I'm working on Tuesdays and Thursdays for now, so if anyone wants to get together on the other days we would like that! Right now I have T home from school. There have been cases of fifth's disease in his school, and I am not immune. It can be dangerous when you are pregnant- otherwise a minor virus. If I were to contract it I would be high risk and have to see an OB. And I just found out my friend's sister lost her baby at 5 or 6 months pregnant when she caught the virus So he's home until this clears.
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Hey everybody,

Kittywitty - I second what the other ladies said about Sarasota. I'd say now is a good time to move if he's got a job + the real estate is relatively cheap. It's an active market though.

Re potluck - I think we could host but I don't want to say OK until I talk to DH. We are having highs and lows here, a little frenetic. Maybe we'll see some of you today at the park? Haven't decided yet whether I'll go or DH. I'll keep you posted on the potluck when we can figure it out.
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M, I'm sorry to hear about your friend's baby, how awful we're half packed so I don't think we can host this time. Maybe we can host the next one. How are you feeling these days?

We're free to get together any time.
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Originally Posted by aiea View Post
Hey everybody,

Kittywitty - I second what the other ladies said about Sarasota. I'd say now is a good time to move if he's got a job + the real estate is relatively cheap. It's an active market though.
Thanks! I'm actually really excited about it, but we haven't heard back from the job, yet. We heard back from one in Ocala asking for transcripts, but Sarasota is my top choice.
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Hi Ladies-

I think G is going to host a PL when M comes into town from CT in March so we can see her She'll post about it.

J- I am feeling pretty good. Time is flying by! Did you find a house? When are you moving? I think Tyler will be home at least until Thursday this week. Maybe we can meet up at the park Monday or Wed? Monday is supposed to reach the high 60's in the afternoon. Anyone else up for it?

Kittywitty- good luck with the job hunting- I hope you get the offer you want!
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