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Hi Mamas!

I definitely plan on hosting a potluck when M. comes to visit. They will be here from the 10th-14th, but i have to check with her and see what her schedule is like. I'll get back to you guys

M- are you still thinking about the park tomorrow? LMK. Dd has gymnastics at 4pm, but we are free before that. Or even during if you are available.
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Yes we're still going- it's going to be a nice afternoon for the park I'll call you in a bit.
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Hey mamas!

I would love to meet up with other moms some time! I try to get to the babywearing and CD meetings at the birth centers as often as possible..

I'm also a doula so if anyone is looking for a doula I am working for 25.00 right now!
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I think there's a mama on here that makes cloth diapers. Thought I'd post that I have lots of organic cotton fabrics (velours and terrys mostly) I bought planning on making my own diapers but alas...it's not happened...so I need to sell these. PM if anyone is interested!
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Michelle, how are you?

Wow it's getting HOT out there mamas!

I'll be teaching full time next year at IVMS in the 7th/8th grade (history/social studies) so I'm pretty psyched about that. All in all it's been a great fit for us, at least for now...I do see homeschooling in the future but not yet.

How's everyone?
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hello! new to MDC... i am in the palmetto area. i work full time so i can't meet up on weekdays, but do you guys do weekends ever?
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hey, how is everyone???
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Are there any active Sarasota Mommies still on here?
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I haven't been on MDC in forever, but I felt the need to revive this thread!  Man, this new format is confusing!  Hi Nicka!  How is teaching going?  wave.gif

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