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So where is it going to be this week? Colonial Oaks park?
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Colonial Oaks at 2pm Wednesday.

Is that good for everyone?
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Sorry, we'll have to back out now. I just made an appointment with an attorney during the meetup time (thanks for the referral Jill!!!) which is the only time he had available before next week. Hope all of you have a great time and I'm looking forward to our next meetup!!!
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I should be there...I may bring a friend too
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I don't think we're gonna make it. Have fun everyone!
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Anyone else going?
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I hope you had fun!

Savannah was born healthy on May 10th, so we're going to lay low for a few more weeks. We'll start coming next month.
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Originally Posted by mjw2003 View Post
I hope you had fun!

Savannah was born healthy on May 10th, so we're going to lay low for a few more weeks. We'll start coming next month.
Congrats! Enjoy your babymoon, i can't wait to hear how the birth went!
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Congrats on the new baby Michelle.

Is anyone up for a trip down to Pt Charlotte next week? There is a park off of exit 170 that has covered shelters right on the playground.

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Sounds good to me. :
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Oh dang... we are having cable re-installed that day sometime between 11 and 2. If the guy shows up early, we'll be there. Otherwise, I guess not till next time
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How about this Wednesday, 2pm at Harold Ave Park in Pt Charlotte? It is just off exit 170 and has 2 picnic shelters right on the playground.

Any Ft Myers area mamas reading this are more than welcome to join us.
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Anyone else interested?


I-75 to exit 170 (Kings Highway). Coming from the North take a right off the exit. Coming from the South take a left.
Take Kings Hwy to Veterans Blvd (1st light) and make a right. Make the 1st left onto Peachland (light). Pass the Publix and McDonalds and take the 1st left onto Loveland. The park entrance is maybe 1/2 mile down Loveland on your right hand side.
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Congratulations on your new baby Michelle!!!!

We'll be out of town tomorrow so we won't be there.
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change of venue?

So, dd is terrified of lovebugs. I have no idea where she gets it from :

I was thinking we could meet up at the Pt Charlotte Mall kids play area. 2pm tomorrow. If this is inconvenient for you Mamas, then we can meet up at Harold Ave as planned.

I know LandI'sMama was planning on coming. Anyone else?
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The mall play area works for us. Either place is fine. I'll check here before we leave to see if it changes.
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Hmmm... DH has my car this morning, so my a.m. plans didn't pan out. I might be able to stop by the mall for a little while this afternoon. Miamimami, if you could just call me if the place changes, that would be great! Thanks.
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Ok, so the mall it is!

See you later
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The mall is good, I was wondering how the lovebugs were out that way - they are all over the place here in my neighborhood.
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I am actually glad everyone is meeting at the mall, because I am sick of these lovebugs, too. They are so bad, they have even started sneaking in my house whenever we go in and out! :
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