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Flaxseed oil?

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Somebody posted on another board about flaxseed oil regulating his wife's cycle made me wonder about something. I've never even heard of flaxseed oil, but will it make you O? Before I had DD, I had regular periods, but no O. I would start the O process, but my eggs would turn into cysts and never come down. Now that we're ttc#2, I have already had one annovulatory cycle and my bbt's are erratic again this month just like they were last month and just like they were when we were ttc#1.

Does anybody know anything about flaxseed oil? I plan on researching it, but I just wanted a heads up first.

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TerrBear I do not know if their is anything over the counter you can use to make you ovulate.

Flaxseed oil is suppose to be very beneficial to many female ailiments. A friend of mine just let me borrow this great book Fertility Cycles & Nutrition. It gives you information on what vitamins and diet you should follow to help with reproductive system. I just started reading it and is very useful.

Im sure someone else here has the answer for you.
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Some more info on flaxseed oil

I, too, highly recommend the book Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition by Marilynn Shannon. The cover is almost fluorescent pink, but don't let that deter you from reading it's sound nutritional advice. One of my friends used to pass out regulary from heavy PMS cramping, even while on hormones. She then followed Ms. Shannons's advice regarding sugar and caffeine, and the symptoms were drastically reduced.

Here is a blurb I found on flaxseed oil, taken from the author's notes:

"CCL since 1996 has recommended flax oil as an aid for cycle problems, infertility, and male reproductive problems. I rank this nutritional recommendation in second place, right behind Dr. Abraham's PMS diet and Optivite. Flax oil contains the hard-to-get essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid. There is little research on its connection to the fertility cycle, but it is well established that every cell must have this nutrient, and gland cells are particularly in need of it. Flax oil is a food, not a vitamin or mineral, and as such is quite easy to recommend. Women report better mucus patterns with it, "flax oil babies" after infertility, and lighter periods with it. I suggest it for preventing hot flashes, for low basal temperatures, for heavy periods and for menstrual cramps."

You can read more at http://www.ccli.org/articles/lookingback.shtml

Hope this helps
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Palmetto210 that was very informative info. The link did not work though.

I would like to read more on that article.

Thanks again
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dancinggirl ~ If you click on the link and then just back-space out the last period...you can read it.

Very interesting article!


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