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What size is your family bed?

Poll Results: What size bed(s) do you have?

Poll expired: Apr 24, 2007  
  • 36% (111)
  • 7% (22)
    Queen with side-car crib
  • 6% (19)
    Queen with other side-car
  • 31% (95)
  • 19% (59)
    Other - please explain
306 Total Votes  
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We have a queen with sidecar crib. DD is getting mobile and our bed(s) are very high. I feel like we should upgrade to King and use the crib for naps... wondering what arrangements everything else does?
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We've got a queen with a single pushed up next to us. This is my favorite arrangement by far. There's lots of space and room to shuffle around. DD starts off on the single, so she doesn't usually wake up when we crawl into bed since it's a different mattress. There's also enough room for DS to crawl in if he wants.
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We have a full size for me and dh with a twin sidecar for ds.
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we have a queen size that the 3 of us share just fine (for now anyways)
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queen and a sidecar crib
there are four of us sleeping there, plus my very obese cat.
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King and it is not nearly big enough!!
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We have a queen that we are using right now and it is nice and cozy. We also have a waveless king waterbed that is not in the house right now (not enough rooms) but we will use that when we move.
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We have a king-size bed, but right now it's only DH and me in it (baby on the way). It feels huge now, so I'm hoping it will still feel roomy enough when we've got a little one in it, too. We bought it specifically because we were thinking of doing the family bed thing when we got married.
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We have a queen and it can get a little tight.
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We have a queen with a sidecar crib, but the crib isn't used. It's mainly there so I know dd won't roll off the bed. I've tried having dd sleep in the sidecar crib but she likes to be cuddled up next to me. I'm okay with that.
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We traded our queen for the IL's spare King when I was pregnant (it was nice for my cocoon of pillows) and have kept it. If the IL's knew we were using it for co-sleeping they might ask for it back though
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Very much an "OTHER"

Initially it was a queen with arms reach sidecar. Then all three in the queen. Then when dd got a bit bigger it was a queen (on the floor) and a twin mattress pushed together.

Eventually that turned into the current arrangement which is a queen on the floor pushed against an IKEA toddler bed (dd saw it and wouldn't let go!). The toddler bed is on a frame so it is perhaps three-four inches "higher" than the queen mattress which means dd loves rolling off and jumping back up...usually at 3am.

In June it will be a queen with a toddler bed plus the arms reach sidecar! Yoicks!
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We have a queen with a twin pushed up next to it. We bought the queen when I was pregnant with Anneke. I wish that we had gotten a king, then, but we have enough room now. We'll see how things go with the new baby. We might end up moving Anneke's twin bed to the foot of our bed, but we'll see.
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queen, for me and the babe
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We love the King ... so much room. But they aren't so flexible like the Queen & Single arrangement.
We're moving so we'll change it up. Maybe?
I like the idea of bebe having his own bed next to the queen for when he wants his own ... he's happy sleeping cuddled up right next to us
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I have a full. (Just dd and I.) I just took the mattress and boxspring off the frame until she was out of my bed for most of the night and was taller and could climb in/out better on her own. She still needs help getting up about 75% of the time, but I don't worry about her falling out anymore. She's older and more aware of her environment, so I think she's MAYBE fallen out of the bed once since I put it back on the frame...several months ago.
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I voted "other." We have two queen mattresses side-by-side on the floor. It takes up virtually our whole "spare" bedroom. This is for me, DH, DS1 and DS2 (on the way, expected in May). I am still squashed in the middle of my guys who want to use me as a pillow. I usually extract myself in the middle of the night and find a nice big empty spot and go back to sleep there.
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We're queen with a sidecar... but dd doesn't sleep there! She sleeps cozied up to mommy (and I'm in a bad mood now so I want my space....) or cozied up to daddy (I know, gasp.)

I prefer daddy....
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We have a king now. We bought it about 2 weeks ago because it doesn't look like ds will be ready to sleep in his own bed all night long for some time. It worked out great because we needed a new "guest" bed so they have the old queen size. We used to side-car the crib to the queen but it wasn't used much and after dd started moving around we took it down as we took the bed off the frame and put it on the ground.
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King w/a twin Xlong next to it!
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