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What size is your family bed? - Page 3

Poll Results: What size bed(s) do you have?

Poll expired: Apr 24, 2007  
  • 36% (111)
  • 7% (22)
    Queen with side-car crib
  • 6% (19)
    Queen with other side-car
  • 31% (95)
  • 19% (59)
    Other - please explain
306 Total Votes  
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Queen with sidecar crib (well, it's not currently set up but it will be soon and that's the setup we had with the previous two) but I wish we had a king. When we bought this bed, we didn't have room for a king. Now we do, but we're more broke.
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Voted "Other"

We have a king and a full pushed up together! LOVE IT!!!
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I voted "other" - we have a king futon with a sidecar crib-turned-bed on one side and an arm's reach co-sleeper on the other...DD sleeps in the sidecar (when she isn't snuggled into DH, which is about half of the time) and DS has never slept in the co-sleeper (I guess that COULD change if DS ever slept more than 1-2 hours at a time, but I'm not holding my breath.)
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We had a queen with all three, no rails, so sidecars, no mattress on the floor. We all cuddled in the middle!
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our 'other'

It's a full. DH, DD and me.

That's all. Have tried to sidecar a co-sleeper but DD won't sleep for more than 30 min in it, and I need to get up for work, so back with us she comes. Sometimes I have fantasies of getting a twin next to our bed.
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Our family is me, dh, dd (3.5), dd (6). We have a queen. In the beginning we all fit nicely. Now I want a king, cuz my 6 yo flops around like crazy and my 3.5 yo often tells me she needs "her space" They have their own beds and are starting to sleep in them more and more, so I guess the squishy problem we have will soon be resolved LOL
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We have a queen and it was fine for the first 4 months or so, but now it is just too small to be comfy. We are getting a king soon.
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We have a double bed (apparently so unbelievably small it didn't make it onto the poll ). It's DD, DH, and I plus 3 cats. I rarely feel crowded at all.
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Queen now, we used to all 3 sleep in the full til DS was 6 months.
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We have a Queen and will pull out the cosleeper when the babe arrives- although don't know if it will get used this time. This would be way too cramped, but dh doesn't usually sleep with us as he works nights.
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We have a queen and it is not nearly big enough.
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We have a queen and full strapped together, and we sleep on it sideways so the crack down around our shins. Nice and roomy!
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Full with a sidecar-ed crib that holds blankets and pillows, but so far at least, never a baby.
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we have a queen and it gets cramped. often dh complains, how come dd gets the most space when she is the tiniest?! this is a point of contention at our house. dh is in the music industry, so when he gets home at 3 or 4am and needs a good night of sleep to work a full day, he will sometimes sleep in another room...
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king turned sideways
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We have a full, which used to sleep 4, but now we have split into two family bed factions-- me and my 4 yr. old in one bed, and my 15 mo. old and his daddy in another-- because the little guy and I just don't sleep well together.

But yeah, we fit 4 in a full. But the kids are getting bigger, and we plan to upgrade to a king when we move in June.
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We have a King + Queen combo. Lots of room! We love it! Right now we have me, dh, ds (4 1/2), dd (2 1/2) and my prego belly (turning intoa newborn in a couple of months). It works really well for us and our family still has room to grow. It's also pushed up against a wall. For now we usually sleep dd, me, ds, dh. That will be changing a bit with the new baby, who will need to be on my side without older siblings next to him/her.
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We have a King. I'm so glad we got it. We were making due on a double bed, with three people. Oy!
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I voted "Other."

We have a full bed with a crib sidecarred to it on my side. For now, DS sleeps very well in the sidecar. I am thinking that when he becomes more mobile, however, we'll end up snuggled in with us.
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