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What size is your family bed? - Page 4

Poll Results: What size bed(s) do you have?

Poll expired: Apr 24, 2007  
  • 36% (111)
  • 7% (22)
    Queen with side-car crib
  • 6% (19)
    Queen with other side-car
  • 31% (95)
  • 19% (59)
    Other - please explain
306 Total Votes  
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We have a king size bed, and then I moved our guest bed (queen) to our room, so our master bedroom is a room of beds. DD and I sleep in the queen as a sidecar to the King bed, which DH now has alll to himself. It is working out great, even though it looks odd.

ETA: I just read the other responses, and I'm so glad to see we aren't the only ones w/ this luxurious arrangement. It's so nice, isn't it??
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Queen for us... but we only have one LO in bed with us. Dd sleeps in her own new bed.
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I have a queen, pushed up against the wall, off of the frame, just lying on the floor, I did put it back on the box spring yesterday though. It is me, my 13 mo, my 7 yo, and my 5 yo. The baby sleeps on nside next to wall, then me, my 5 yo, then 6yo.
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we have a double and a twin that we sleep with our heads on the double and feet on the twin
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All three of us are in a full, really, REALLY hoping to get a bigger one before I get pregnant.
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I said other. We have a king with side car crib.
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we have a queen with an arm's reach co-sleeper attached. 3 of us in the bed is a tight fit; i'm not sure what we're going to do when ds #2 is too big for the co-sleeper.
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We have a queen right now...but hopefully soon we will be able to upgrade to a King...as soon as we can afford it.
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I voted Other. We have a California King, which is a foot longer than a regular king (so, 6ft. X 7 ft.). That might seem huge but we all like our sleeping space 9and we are all kind of wiggly when we sleep), so it comfortably fits:
-1 adult and 2 kids or
-2 adults and 1 kid.

-We have done 1 adult and 3 kids, but inevitably someone (a bigger kid) feels swished and goes to their own bed or I am hangin' off the outside edge. I love the "puppy pile" feel of all of the kids in bed with me though, so I allow it sometimes, especially when DH is away.

-DH cannot tolerate more than one small kid in the bed with us, so if anyone other than the baby falls asleep in our bed, they either get moved or DH sleeps on the couch.
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we have an insanely huge master bedroom, so we put our two queen size mattresses next to eachother on the floor to create one massive bed. my boyfriend and i are both tall and he is a big guy, so i feel more comfortable with me and my son on one bed and him on the other until my son gets bigger.
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Right now everyone has their own bed (well, dh and I still share one ) with various visitors throughout the night - but for years we put our queen mattress on the floor with a double matterss right next to it and that was our giant sized family bed - we LOVED it. I slept on the queen between my two nursing girls and dh slept on the double with our ds. - but it was nice to all be so close.

Those were sweet times. Today I just bought shoes for my ds that are actually bigger than mine for the first time - all of those people who told me the time would just fly by wre right!
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Queen with a single next to it, but DS likes to sleep WITH us, as in, ON us, so it might as well just be a queen at this point! And getting too small very quickly!
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Queen- but usually the couch

My hubby isn't into the whole family bed thing, and I understand where he comes from. But I love snuggling with my baby punk so we usually end up on the sofa. We don't mind.
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Twin + King + sidecar bassinet = wall-to-wall bed
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2 doubles!
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king plus co-sleeper

we have a king bed and a humanity co-sleeper along one side.
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full size w/ very un-used sidecare (its useless, really. DS won't sleep in it at *all* usualy, or 1 hr tops!!)
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DH, myself and our 2 youngest in a Queen, though the toddler's toddler bed is butted up against my side so if I get too crowded, he gets moved. He always ends up back next to me though
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We have a queen(our bedroom is WAY to small for a king ) There is me, dh, almost 3 yr old dd, 9 month old dd and our cat. Its a snug fit.
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A queen mattress and a twin mattress pushed together directly on the floor for me, Dh, dd, and ds.

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