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Finally arrived!

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Baby Chaya was born at 12:45 am on Tuesday (just 24 hours ago!) exactly on the date the midwife predicted! It was a quick homebirth, can't say it was super-easy, but very healing!

Chaya was 8lb, 10oz (smaller than I expected) and she is just perfect!

Wishing anyone else still waiting a wonderful and easy birth!
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Welcome Baby Chaya!! Congratulations!
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Yaaaay! Enjoy your new daughter.
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Congrats!! Welcome baby! How do you pronounce her name?
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Yay for you!!! Welcome baby Chaya!
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Thanks all!

Chaya (rhymes with Maya, the "ch" is a sort of throaty sound) is a great nurser and absolutely adorable. So much fun to have a newborn around again!
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