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Aidan is here

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He was born during the night at 12:44 after just over 3 hours of labor. We are already for him over the weekend when I was in a false/early labor for 24 hours, but clearly he needed a little more time. We are all doing well. He is 8lbs 4oz and 21 inches. We had a good crew at the birth. My parents were there and were SO thrilled. Mom was with me and DH a lot and Dad helped take care of DS, Reilly. I'd been nervous about having them there, but it was wonderful. I could tell from the way they breathed how happy they were to be there for me and to welcome Aidan. Reilly was also amazing. He woke up while I has in labor and was scared until he knew I was okay, could come see me, and give me a kiss. He watched most of the actual birth from the door in my dad's arms and snuggled after. He's still not sure what the baby being here means, but there was such a wonderful look of understanding on his face during the birth. I am off to try to rest, though the adrenaline has prevented me from closing my eyes much.
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Congratulations and welcome baby Aidan!
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Wow congratulations! Sounds like it was lovely- how exciting that your boy is a big brother now! Welcome Aiden!
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Welcome Baby, and congratulations!
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Sounds like a sweet birth! Welcome Aiden!
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How wonderful to be surrounded by your love ones! Welcome Aiden!
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Congrats!! Aiden is a wonderful name!
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