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omg 16 days lol

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wow!!i am ready in someways and in others i can't believe i am having another baby so soon!!! my due date is in 16 days!!! now i don't know when she will really come but 16 days!!!!! i am so excited and a little scared lol cause i haven't had a baby in 4 years... silly i know but i am having hard time picturing having another baby!!!
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I know....I think I have about 10 days until I hit 40 weeks (I have only had one baby come before that). Sometimes it still seems so surreal....other times I freak out about getting things done.
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Yes!!! 16 days here too!!!! (well according to my MW, according to me its 14)
I cant believe it either! I know there are lots of us left since we posted in the who is left thread, but it sure is quiet in here, other than lots of birth announcements!!!
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12 days here. Still doesn't seem real, even though I have been thinking a lot about going into labor and such the past week- actually doing it and then having a baby afterwards, whom I don't know the sex, or size, or if they will have hair and what color, or what they will look like, it is all amazing.
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I have 14 days!!! I am betting I am over due, though.:
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16 days here too! my superficial little dream of having a baby less than 8 1/2 pounds seems to be slipping away....: I know, I know! I called it superficial!!
I just don't want to leave the house....I look so huge! My son's teacher even hinted I was lucky I wasn't in France because they don't do c-sections for big babies unless its an emergency:
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15 days - I can't believe it!!! I went to (a different) LLL meeting today and I realized the shocking truth that I almost DEFINATELY wil have the baby before the next one - even if he goes a while after the EDD!!! YAY!!!!! Scary though!!!! But I am so excited!!! DH actually called me this morning:

DH: "Babe- is anything going on, I mean are you having contractions or anything?"

Me: "No not yet"

DH: "Aww..I'm disapointed - I just want him to come!"

I'm not sure which one of us is more anxious!!
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this weekend we are going to rearrange our room and make room for our pool, and try it out, my baby will be 9 years old on monday and its so weird to be pregnant again at this time she is so excited to have this baby! she even is willing to share her bday lol which i doubt would happen since i haven't ever had one earlier then 40 weeks
i can actually feel my body starting to get ready to have her! not that i think its anytime soon, but i get these good feeling contrx and all these other things i just know that with in the next 4 weeks i will be holding my baby!!!
today i was washing dishes and she kicked the counter! hehe
ok thanks for listening to me ramble!
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9 days here...if I even make it! I'm starting to feel a terrible urgency, and I can't sit still. I got the new stroller today, and it's in a million pieces. I had to stop myself from tearing it out of the box and putting it together. I have been scrubbing my kitchen with Comet (something I have NEVER bought in my life) almost everyday. I love the smell of it right now, and I don't know why. I just can't wait to get this baby out of me!!!
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