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Appointment today = no change!

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So, this post is on behalf of my sister who is due in 14 days...

So she had an appointment with the doctor today and was examined by her midwife. She was found to be 50% effaced and O cm dialated. Are you of you also in the same boat? Has this happened to you in the past? If so, did you have to be induced? She is just wondering if this means that she will be likely to go overdue and be induced. I don't have the answer for her since I always had some progress with my cervix by this time in my pregnancies.

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It doesnt mean anything... she could go in to labor tonight. She still has a month before she is technically overdue anyway so I wouldnt worry about it.
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I had an apt yesterday and was 50% effaced and barely 1cm dilated. I'm almost 41 weeks now, and they want to induce me sometime next week..

I would tell her not to worry about it since she does have up to a month to go still... and she could still go into labor tonight... the numbers don't really mean much bc everyones body is so different.
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At 38 weeks I see absolutely no reason in the world why that would be any reason to worry or any indication of when labor will actually come. The average for first time moms is 41 weeks+, so she needs to be aware of that. Some women dialate a little at a time until the big thing and some do it all at once, we are all different.
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I had my appt on Monday. I have 19 days left and I had practice contractions last week (I'm calling them that because they huuuuurt, not just pressure like regular BH). My OB said well, 3 hours of practicing didin't do anything. I'm 0 cm and my cervix isn't even soft.

My mom went into labor 2 weeks early with no dilation. She woke up in a puddle one morning after her water broke and then she had me 3 hours later.

Same thing with my brother. Water broke and she had him a few hours later (two weeks early).

A friend of mine was dilated 3 cm for nearly 2 weeks and went overdue and was induced. So everyone is different. I don't even know why they check, really.
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with my oldest i wasn't dialated at all at 40 weeks 2 days , i had her the next morning in 8 hrs, with my 2nd i didn't have any checks before labor she was born on due date in 4 hours, and with number 3 i was checked a little past 40 weeks and was still closed and postieror, he was born in 5 hrs at exactly 41 weeks, all totally natural and on there own

really i wouldn't even let them check me this early, after 40 weeks i want to know even tho now i know i just don't do anything before labor!
and even if she were dialated at this point it would mean nothing
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Hey Ive been walking around 2cm dilated for three weeks...but the dilation happened three weeks ago and nothing since. I went overdue last time walking around dilated. Then again with number one I wasnt dilated at all at my checkup then went into labor a few days later at 39weeks.

At 38weeks I wouldnt expect to be dilated yet. She could stay 0cm then dilated all at once after labor starts. And I dont know why doctors get all up in arms once a woman hits 40wks when 40 is an ESTIMATE and 90% of women deliver between 38 and 42 weeks, making 42 as normal as 38 or 40. You're not REALLY past due until 42 weeks and thats assuming they have it right to begin with (they often dont since they are basing it on dates and assuming every woman concieves on day 14 which is so not the case).

Long way to say, I would not worry AT ALL at this point.
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