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ick, UTI :-(

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I had my appt yesterday and they said I have a UTI - granted, I haven't had one in ummm, 9 years! and I didn't have any symptoms. Does this sound right? She gave me 3 days of macrobid, which I guess isn't too bad, and I contemplated not taking them, but I remember how fast they can progress, so I went ahead and started taking them. THHHBT!
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Garlic works very very at battling uti, taken orally and inserted vaginally, in case you need to do something like this again.

Garlic is a very strong antibiotic.
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Oh yuck! I am sorry, mama! I remember reading/hearing that sometimes UTIs go undiagnosed when you are pregnant - maybe that's why you didn't have symptoms? I hope it clears up soon!
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I hope you're feeling better soon!
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