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HI from Indiana

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Hello everyone! Just thought it was time for me to finally post something since I have been reading through everyone's posts for some time now. I am a mom to dd who is 9 mos and ds who is 4 years, almost 5! and my lovely dh! I bf and am totally glad i found this board, my dh and I have been discussing things like trying to be more natural organic, etc and am glad to see so much support for this lifestyle!
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Hi and Welcome. I live in Louisville, just across the river from IN.

Great to have you!!!!!!!
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Hi there! Where in Indiana are you? I live in Corydon. Welcome!
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Hi and welcome! I'm from Indiana as well
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Hi! I just joined and was going to introduce myself when I found your post. I'm from Indiana, too.
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Welcome.. I'm also from Indiana, Greenwood to be exact!
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I'm from Columbus.
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Glad you're here!!!
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Welcome, from another Indiana Mommy!
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I'm in Indiana too........Southern Indiana, just about 7 miles from Louisville. Where are you???

Glad to have you, MDC has been a great place for me, hope you like it just as much.

Good luck in your attempt to change to a more natural lifestyle........once to get started you just keep on going with it, until next thing you know your entire lifestyle has been overhauled. My DH and I embarked on a more natural lifestyle about 10 years ago (before he was my DH), and it's just snowballed since then.
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I am in Indiana, too! Central Indiana - near Kokomo! Welcome!!
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Welcome to the community! Glad that you're here! :

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I am another from Southern Indiana! Looks like there are lots of us.
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to MDC!
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Hello! I'm in southern Indianapolis!
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