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booo-my ds is barfing!

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Anyone else facing such inconvenience? I could cry. We are all so tired and overextended and these early-labor sessions are doing me in bc they all happen at night! Every night! Now my 2 yo woke up from his nap and barfed in his bed.: No fever though, just lots of coughing.
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I did the week before I had our baby. Both my girls (4 and almost 3) and my husband were ill, vomiting like crazy. We almost had to take out younger DD to the ER because she couldn't keep anything down. We got her an rx of pheneragan and it helped a lot. I used hand saitizer like CRAZY and although I was vomiting through labor, I think it was labor that got me, not the stomach bug.
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When I brought Karina home, both my sons had crazy chest infections. It was insane... I was so worried they'd give it to her. (Not to mention how exhausted I was waking up for my coughing, crying 3 year old and also waking to try to feed my sleepy little preemie!!). My hands are still rough and raw from all the compulsive handwashing. So anyways, it sucks but I hope for you everyone is better by the time you give birth!
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Thankfully lil' man isn't sick here, although we have had some fun with these 2nd yr molars that are taking forever to come in.... I hope your lil' ones are better soon so you can get a little bit of rest before the new babe comes.
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