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39 week checkup rant

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and nothing! Well, no change since last week anyway. Ive been dilated 2cm for a few weeks now. Thats ok, Im fine with it, he'll come when he's ready. But as she's checking me my doc says, "Im stretching your cervix for you" and I was like, "Uh...I wish you wouldnt!" and thanks for asking first! I mean, yeah, Im crampy now, but I know all she did was cause some weak cx for a few hours, then they will back off. If the baby isnt ready, the baby isnt ready. Makes me not want to go back until Im actually in labor.

When I was checking out I got informed that my ins. benefits have changed. I was aware that my plan changed in jan. They totally got rid of the plan I was on and so put me in one that was "comprable" and I guess I really should have checked on what was what but I didnt. Still, this is April, you'd think that my ob office would have known and mentioned something before now. But no, a week from my due date I find that my ins. no longer covers 100% but only 90% and so I owe them $400 and when can I pay that? A WEEK BEFORE IM DUE, when Im already on LEAVE with NO INCOME!!!!! ARGH!!! Had I been able to pay fifty to 75 bucks a visit since jan. while I was still working, ok, but hit me with a 400 dollar bill a week before Im due, when Im off work..............

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But as she's checking me my doc says, "Im stretching your cervix for you" and I was like, "Uh...I wish you wouldnt!" and thanks for asking first!
well, at least she admitted it. looking back, my mw from my first birth just did it without comment during the last weeks. : WTF???

ETA: oh - and that STINKS about your insurance. Yes, your dr's office should have said something...they pay people to keep on top of billing. sorry you have to deal with that - now of all times!!
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It seems like it is always something here at the end! Hang in there!!!!!!!!!!
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Same here!!! I'm due on the 17th but he gave me to the 20th... What a long process!!!
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Yeah, Ive calmed down now but I was pretty irate earlier! Of course I have such a short fuse these days, which isnt like me normally!

Im due on the 17th too, by u/s but since by dates it was originally the 21st Im not going to let them start pressuring me to induce on the 17th, which is my next apt!
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Well, don't worry about the $400. It is nothing in the long run. We found out, after we signed up for our plan (under the advice of a blue cross rep) that they don't cover births until you have been on it for 18 months. We have to pay the first $8000 of the birth! Can you believe that shit?

I am sure that they can put you on some sort of payment plan. And I would take advantage of those raging hormones and rip that woman a new one. If she brings up crap like that to you at such a stupid time, she will do it to others, so educate her about being kind to very very pregnant women.
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Well I went ahead and paid half of it. Wow, $8000! Yikes! Well, with my last baby, the ins. co. told me, when I called ahead of time to be sure, YES we cover mw and birthing centers!! Then they paid a total of like $238, what they considered "customary and reasonable" leaving us with a bill for thousands (of which we are STILL paying on!) UGH! I hate ins. companies!!
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