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Renting a Car Seat.

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Does anyone know where I can rent a car seat when travelling? Thanks.
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If you are also renting a car, they can provide one. BUT, sometimes you get old, crappy looking seats.
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Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of! The standards for car seats are so strict, and how would you know if it's been in an accident?

Plus, we're not renting a car, so I am just looking for just a car seat.
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We are flying in a couple of months and wanted to rent as well, and after much discussion and debate, decided to just bring one... we bought a lighter weight, convertible-to-booster style seat, and EvenFlo makes one for $69.99 at Babies R Us.

Renting=you don't know what you're gonna get, it could be old, out of date, below standard, or not the right size for your child's age. The cost for us to rent one was to be about $10/day, for 6 days, so for about the same cost, we have a new one all our own, and we got a travel system for it ($29.99) with wheels and backpack straps.
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Depending on where you're traveling to, you may want to just buy one when you get there. We got the Cosco Scenera for $40 at Target. It goes from 5-35 pounds (I think) and can face backwards until 30 lbs.
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If you're flying, you should be bringing your child's carseat on the plane with you
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Originally Posted by ThreeBeans View Post
If you're flying, you should be bringing your child's carseat on the plane with you
That's not the situation. So....if you have any ideas on rentals I would appreciate it!

Thanks to others for your ideas. So crazy that buying a carseat may be the best option! I thought I read somewhere that there are car seat rentals somewhere! You would think that I'm not the only person who needs this!
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I've found services that do this in Toronto,Hamiltion Ottawa, Vancouver/Victoria, Calagry and Montreal and so other small townsbut that will not help you since you are not going to any of these cities.
But I thought I would throw it out there in case anyone needs to know...from reading their websites it seems pretty safe.
They ask that you advise them if there has been any accident as their insurance will replace it at no cost to renter. Which makes it seem likely its a safe bet that renters will be truthful. Also I seem to recall that Britax was one of the seats being rented. Now if I could remember all the websites.

If we have that service in Canada it has to be in the U.S as well.

Just going to include the links in Canada just in case a Canadian finds it useful.













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Well, renting you pay for the seat and have to give it back at the end. Buying it, you pay for the seat and get to keep it!

Also renting you don't know who peed on it, where it's been, etc. Icky.

Not sure why you need it with no car and no fly, though.
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we looked in to it, we could have bought a new seat every week and thrown out the old one for the price of renting.

We just bought nice seats when we got there.
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I suggest you just take one. We rented one ONCE never again. It was dirty. Most moms boards Ive been on recommend against it. The rental place also will not guarentee they have one so you could get stuck w/ no seat once you get there.
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A friend of mine is coming to visit ME and she needs a carseat for her child when she is here. She prefers to rent if possible, as buying one is out of her budget at this time.

Thank you to those who gave useful information, and didn't jump to assumptions about why I should just "bring it" (since that is NOT the situation, which I already said!)
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In that case, yeah, just buy a Cosco Scenera. It won't hurt to have a spare seat lying about anyway

I wouldn't ever rent a carseat. They are generally expired and/or have been in accidents.
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Originally Posted by karina5 View Post
A friend of mine is coming to visit ME and she needs a carseat for her child when she is here. She prefers to rent if possible, as buying one is out of her budget at this time.
Unfortunately, renting is about as expensive as buying, and you don't know where the seat has been. We rented one once and the seat was at least ten years old, unsafe, and filthy. You could call car rental places and see if they'll let you rent a seat and check it out, but I'm betting it will not be economical.

If she's not able to bring a seat, buying the cheapest one you can find or borrowing one is probably your best bet. (If you have any friends with multiple cars in their household, many of them probably have seats for each car which they might lend you.) Some churches, family service providers, and police stations keep seats on hand, too.

This one is $40: http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html...sin=B000A3YIWS

Good luck- it is ridiculous that safe rentals are so expensive and untrustworthy.
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Originally Posted by ThreeBeans View Post

I wouldn't ever rent a carseat. They are generally expired and/or have been in accidents.
Where did you get this info? I've rented car seats on several occasions from Hertz and they have all been clean, in new condition, and convenient. They all had the manufacturer's sticker affixed so you can call and get recall info. We rented two seats last week, and one didn't fit well in the rental car. So we asked for another model and it was provided. No sweat.

Of course there is no way to know for certain whether one has been in an accident. But I assume that the rate of accidents in rental cars with car seats is relatively low.

I'd rather not haul our big ol' Britax seats, which do NOT fit comfortably on the plane (kids are constantly kicking the seats in front of us and we'd have to sit in separate rows as they have to be placed in a window seat). I also would rather not check them, as they could be damaged that way.

Okay, not trying to derail thread . . . just trying to add in another perpective.
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I would also buy a $40 Scenera. Basically, i don't know what it costs where you are, but car seat rentals where I live will run $10-$15/day so if your friend is staying for 3 or 4 days, or you think you might need the car seat again sometime in the next 6 years, it would be cheaper.
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I totally agree that it would preobably be cheaper just to buy a scenera. If you wont be using it after this visit, or don't have the storage, you may be able to get a tax deduction if you donate a barely used carseat to a charity type place. I would think the types of places that collect formula and sposies for needy families could also use carseats. Maybe even a hospital?
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We rented one once when we went to a high-tourist area. It was clean and pretty new. Because we are used to Britax, we had to ask for a replacement after the first night - no problem. I found it by making heavy use of google and I'm sure it helped that the area had many tourists.

Another option might be checking out craigslist. I just sold a perfectly fine seat for $20 - far less than the cost of the rental we had.
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I just found this forum on renting car seats because it mentions my business in Montreal. I can vouch for most baby equipment rental companies that we only provide the best equipment for use by visiting families to our cities. Rental is always a great option for parents travelling with small children and/or babies on a short-term basis. We have a reputation to keep up which means that we only rent good quality, clean and safe equipment. Most of us are parents too, so we know how tough it can be! Renting becomes worth the money for those who don't want the hassle (you already have your hands full with everything needed for travel with small children!).

It may be true that if you rent on a long term basis, it becomes less of a bargain, and you may think that buying one is an option. Some people do that - but then where do you put it at the end of your trip - do you bring it home, give it to a charity or leave it somewhere? My company delivers, sets-up and picks up all equipment when you need it to be at your destination, leaving you more time to enjoy your visit.

If you do not wish to rent items, it's always a good idea to ask a friend or family member if you can borrow something from someone, or maybe they could pick you up something second-hand, but as someone mentioned before, you don't know where it's been.

I hope that helps you in your decision!

Montreal Mom - Mom to Emma and Jacob
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