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taking off

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I'm signing out for now. Hope to post my birth story on Monday (with a name!)
My parents are coming at 6 tomorrow and we have to be at the hospital by 7 so my doc can meet us before she starts clinic.

Baby is kicking around. Got a few contractions while at the grocery store. I only bought a few things, but I did have a couple of gallons of milk. They handed me my receit and I said "No, I want drive up. I'm 41 weeks pg." The check out lady more than understood. She just couldn't see with the counter in the way.

I had a great afternoon with my girls. DH and are going out to dinner quick tonight.

Here's to holding my baby tomorrow at this time!
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I hope you have a wonderful birth!!! How exciting to think this time tomorrow you will be holding your babe.
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Good Luck! I can't wait for more news Monday
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heres to a happy health, and easy L&D!
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