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Article about Headteacher banning thong underwear

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The other thread about sexy clothes for children reminded me of a headline in a UK paper a week or so ago. Does anyone know the details?

I saw it over someone shoulder on the plane back from the UK. I was so eager to read it, but the woman just wouldn't hold the newspaper high enough for me to read past the first few lines. How selfish can you get?

I'd love to know the details, I have mixed feelings about the issue - any parent who buys their young daughter thong underwear needs their head examined, but then, should a school be able to dictate what girls wear under their school uniform? (uniform is fairly standard in the UK)

Mind you, when I was at school, we were supposed to wear bottle green HUGE, and very scratchy, knickers under our school uniform. Ugh. (after a certain age, we didn't, and nobody had the nerve to check).
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It would be illegal (at least in the US) for a teacher to actually check what kind of underwear the students wore. Maybe this is referring to the style where girls have their thongs peeking out of their jeans?

I had the luxury of attending the only high school in the district that did not require girls to wear bras. I don't see how schools can do this either - if a girl has to wear a bra, a boy should have to wear an undershirt!

Also, this might affect some girls more than others - a skinny girl with small breasts might go unnoticed, while an overweight girl or one with large breasts would be unfairly singled out. This is punishing the girls because of their body size and type.

I did not start wearing bras or underwear until age 16, and apparently my learning did not suffer because of it.
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What is the issue with thong underwear? I always had real trouble finding underwear to fit my butt, would ride up you know. Especially in Europe and Asia, the normal (high cut) underwear would never fit me. And then you find underwear that's perfect and they discontinue that style... I never found thongs comfortable at first but started wearing them with stretch pants and then found they were more comfortable than normal underwear once I got used to them. You can put on a few pounds and they still fit you.. they're healthier in summer ...

I can't understand little girls wearing them. But I could understand teenagers wearing them, once they hit
puberty and their butt starts expanding. Some people find them more comfortable.

I don't understand why it is an issue with teenage school girls? They're not walking around in their underwear in front of boys are they? In gym classes, they are only dressing in front of other girls aren't they? I don't remember underwear being an issue when I was at school. Thongs just aren't a 'sexy' thing for me. It's a comfort thing, necessary for under stretchy materials and can buy them in any country to fit me.

I'd be really pissed off if a school tried to tell my child what underwear to wear.
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I know here in Ontario the girls wear their uniform skirts more like belts, they wear them so short. It borders on indecent (and I'm not a prude). It has gotten to the point where some schools are banning the skirt and bringing in a skort.
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Actually, here in the U.S. there was an incident within the past year in which a teacher chaperoning a school dance PULLED UP GIRLS' DRESSES IN VIEW OF OTHERS to make sure they weren't wearing thongs before letting them into the dance! Apparently at a previous dance they'd had problems w/girls flashing their thongs at boys, but that still doesn't justify the teacher's conduct! She was disciplined in some way. Sorry I don't have time to look up the article.
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She was "punished" by being demoted to teaching rather than administration. I sure hope she doesn't wear a thong to class!

What if girls were pulling up their skirts but just wearing "regular" underwear? Would that underwear then be banned? Will all girls have to wear pants to prom someday? Or overalls, since they are harder to spontaneously pull down?

I hear that thongs can sometimes cause yeast infections or UTIs.
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Just to clarify though - this was a primary school, ie age 5-11.
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Yeah, when I was that age I wasn't told anything about constitutional rights or free expression or that teachers don't have the right to check what kind of underwear you are wearing.

In jails and mental hospitals, inmate rights are often displayed on large posters in the halls and are given as individual packets to each inmate. It's a shame our children aren't given the same kind of knowledge.

Maybe it's different in the UK? Do they have a constitution or free speech there? (I'm afraid my ignorance goes much, much deeper!)
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I don't think a school has the right to tell students what they can wear UNDER their clothing! I don't see why the school would care one way or the other - unless the girls were wearing very short skirts and unknowingly (or knowingly) exposing themselves to the boys.

I don't really like dress codes to begin with, but if this is really a problem, why not just require tights? Wouldn't that solve the exposure problem? Checking girls' undies is a violation of their rights.

I don't see why a child would want to wear a thong. I wear them sometimes and find them comfortable, but they do take getting used to. At a board I visited, one mom said her five-year-old daughter wanted to wear them with her dance leotards because she didn't like having panty lines...I'm sorry, but my dd is close to that age and never in a million years would she ever know what panty lines ARE, let alone care that she had them. :
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OK not the same but we had a dress code for youth group (the kids decided on the rules) and the basic underware rule was 1)you had to wear bras (or undershirts ) and underwear. No nippole showing through your shirts essentially was the spirit of that rule. and 2) no under ware showing (girls and guys) which included bras, sports or regular.

I think that is a better way to phrase it because I don't care what kids wear under thier clothes so long as everything is covered.
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No nippole showing through your shirts essentially was the spirit of that rule.
OK, I just know you all wanted to hear about my nipples...

I haven't found a way to keep them from showing. Size-wise and firmness-wise, I have no need for a bra but I wear one anyway (sometimes) because of the nipple factor. Not that it helps much, but it's better than nothing. They show through the thickest padded bras, through bandaids, sweaters and jackets, etc. I saw this ad for fake erect nipples you can wear in your bra and just thought, if only I had the problem of actually NEEDING something like that!

So I walk around continually listening to people's stupid jokes about the cold and about sexual arousal. I'd considered surgery but it would probably affect bfing.

Anyway...the point is some people cannot help it. I think it's unfaor that it's another thing guys can get away with when they don't even have any business having nipples in the first place!!!
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It was understood that sometimes they show up at times we wish they wouldn't and all the padding in the world isn't going to help. But it eleminated peple showing them off on purpose.
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