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The NAME!!!

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Okay... I pretty much have the name figured out... But I just wanted some thoughts and feedback on my final choice...

Justin-Alexander Timothy Valentine

Justin-Alexander being a combo 1st name
Timothy the middle name- His Father's 1st name
and of course Valentine is my son's last name...

Is this too long?

I can honsetly let the Timothy go... But...I like the name... I donno...
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Honestly? I think they are all great names - but it is a huge mouthful! Maybe you can save one of the names in case you eventually have another baby boy? I know it is sooo hard to pick...our boy name this time was given b/c our baby will be a junior - however, for next time I don't know how we will ever choose!
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Try getting that on any standardized form.

Very nice name, but a mouthful.
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It is a little long for me and when I read it I read it as Justin being the first and Alexander being a last name- why I don't know. However, I think you should go with whatever you and your dh prefer!
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They are all nice names, and I think for a first baby it is common to have a ton of names, even if they are never used except on paper. My dh was a first baby and he has about 4 names besides his first and last names - his younger sister doesn't even have one middle name.

I think that Justin-Alexander as a first name is a bit of a mouthful (maybe Justin-Alex to shorten it a bit?), but as another person said, what's most important is what you and your dh prefer.
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It's fairly common here (in the south) for kids (girls at least) to have hyphenated first names. Think Anna - Grace or non hyphenated. I think it's kind of a mouthful, but I do like the way it sounds.
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I know, I know I agree its extremely long...
But I'm thinking... I don't care...LOL... But then again its not about me... And daddy wants our baby to be named as a JR... And I just don't want that... I prefer... Justin Alexander Valentine... I think thats fabulous... But I guess we'll see...
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