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I am trying to recall the disney movies where I think the female was portrayed as "helpless"...I can't. I do not think that Ariel was protrayed as helpless. I think she was pretty rebellious. Esmerelda wasn't portrayed as helpless either. Nor was Princess Fiona in Shrek..I think the Snow White was portrayed as helpless, but let's face it, she was created when women WERE supposed to be helpless.

I love Disney movies. (Me personally) I let my daughter watch them, but would rather she be outside playing - that has nothing to do with Disney and everything to do with wanting to be outside playing with her! I see nothing wrong with them. The company, now that may be a different story!
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I have not seen any negative effect on my dd from watching Disney movies wrt how she sees women. Ariel was her favourite character for years. BUT, she also owns Pocahontas, and she has made some comments about natives being savages. I did a lot of explaining and teaching about that, which I think has overridden the movie, but it made me more careful.
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Originally posted by Alexander
Hey! What's wrong ith a teenage! ag

Mind you, if she were with me, I agree she could lose the seashell bra

Uh, isn't the point there that she is lust-inducing? And doesn't that prove the "sexualized" point?
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Another plug for Disney and his pagan, and non-orthodox Xtian leanings. Never mind the sex, he is talking "heresy!"


Read the bestseller, the Da Vinci code, to see what the heck I am talking about. :LOL
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My daughter has a mermaid "thing" and wants to see "The Little Mermaid' but I won't move an inch on that issue. It's my favorite fairy tale from childhood and Disney warped it! SHE DOES NOT LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER WITH THE PRINCE! Though, she does live for ever after, and I think pretty happily.
My 17 year old dd has something to say~~

For a more faithful to the original animated Mermaid, check out this link:


I HIGHLY recommend this version. It has the same sad ending as the original Hans Christian Anderson version.
It actually is an anime like Mononoke and Spirited Away, and has been censored somewhat from the original version which we used to rent from our library.
She doesn't wear any seashells or anything, and in the originally occasionally her hair would move aside and a nipple would show! It was all very innocent, but those scenes have all been edited out of this version.
You might be able to find the original at Blockbuster though, they have it at our's. I'm actually bidding on it on Ebay right now!
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