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I am 3 1/2 months post partum with #2, and never had any carpal tunnel during either of my pregnancies. (I did however, have mild tendonitis in my wrists during my university days as I was a piano major practising 3 - 5 hours/day, but that left once I started teaching and lost all time to play.) Since this babe has been born, my wrists and hands have been weak. Not really sore, but really weak and different - it's as though I'm acutely aware of my wrists/hands at all times. Most mornings my hands are asleep when I wake up. I've dropped a bowl once and am really worried my hands are going to give out when I pick up the baby.

I remember having some of these symptoms after DS 1 was born, but they subsided quickly once my body adjusted to the new strain of carrying around an infant. I thought that would happen when they started this time, but 16 weeks later nothing has changed. I try to keep my wrists in a neutral position as much as possible, but with 2 LOs at home, there's actually not many chances for that. This babe is heavy - already over 17lbs - and wants to be held all the time. I try to use the sling, but he doesn't like it much.
Could this be post-partum carpal tunnel? Any advice?

Thanks for reading - this ended up longer than I expected.