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Flipping YAY!!!

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I am so excited!!!!! I think I am in labor. I am having contractions that radiate to my thighs and back every 10-7 minutes. They take concentration to get through. I am loosing so much mucous I have to wear a pad. I called my MW, she is at another birth at the moment ( I could hear the lady howling in the background). I am so excited............ :
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I am SO excited for you...wish it was me
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Have a great birth :
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yay!! hope you have a wonderful birth !!
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YEA!!! and laboring during the day!!! Good for you guys!
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awww! go mama! can't wait to hear back after your little one is here!!
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Yay and congrats!
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Yay!!! Have a great birth!
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I hope this is it for you!
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woohoo! I hope this is it for you & by tonight you'll be holding your new lo!
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Oh yay! I just saw this! I hope this is it for you Nina! Oh, I hope to hear an update soon- go girl go! Yay!
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Yay! I hope your birth is wonderful!
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Go, go, go!
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Wohoo mama! How exciting I hope you have a wonderfully peaceful labor and delivery !
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