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Originally Posted by NiteNicole View Post
I find that LB clothes are sized oddly. The pants have crotch half way to the knees. They also have a weird lump of fabric on the outside of the thigh (skirts too, if they're fitted). The tops are narrow in the shoulders, small in the bust, but bell out in the waist. The pants and skirts are super long, but the sleeves are all short. I just can't figure out who these clothes are supposed to fit. I used to love their things before they got all wackadoo with the sizing. Also, they discontinued my bra and I'm bitter.
I think the problem with Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug (they seem to have a lot of the same clothes) is that they have made being trendy their top priority. It's like they're making clothes trying to prove us fat ladies can wear clothes that are just like everyone else's.

Which, for me, is not true. I don't want a suit jacket that's cropped up to my waist. I need pants that have a bit of elastic in the waist so that they fit a wider variety of bodies. And I want NORMAL short sleeves, not the stupid ones they always seem to have there.

They do have some nice stuff occasionally. But I can't buy pants at all at LB or FB. And I have been into LB several times and socks and a hoody which I don't like that much are all that I've gotten.
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Originally Posted by NiteNicole View Post
To me, JJill seems to be cut very short. I don't love all the clothes but the quality is very nice. Their tees and crop pants seem very short to me...and I'm not particularly tall.
Seems like J. Jill would be great for a shorter mama. I'm 5'7" and I frequently bypass their beautiful clothes because they are a bit too short for my taste. I like blouses that are 28" or longer and blazers/sweaters that are 29" or longer.

They are tres expensive, but there is a ton of it on ebay. LOTS of natural fibers, too, if you're into that.
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Just wanted to post an update and tell you all that I ordered several items from Holy Clothing on Ebay. They arrived today. And are they ever gorgeous! Oh my! I got some dresses and a blouse. Wow. So pretty.

They will be very flattering too, once I get them altered. I am short and these are super long, so I will have to hem them. I need to figure out the best way to do that since there's a lot of embellishment at the bottom. I think I can do it and still have them look nice. I will need to move the waist ties up too, since they are positioned for a taller person w/ a longer torso. On me, the ties would tie around my butt!

All the same, these things are so pretty. And I think I'm gonna feel great in them. I did order them slightly on the smaller side, since I'm in the process of losing weight. I was on the borderline between two sizes and got the smaller one. All of the garments fit now, but will look better when I lose another 5lbs. I've lost almost ten so far, so I know I can do it. And then these dresses should fit for awhile longer, even as I lose more weight. I am so excited to look and feel great in these!

Thanks again dogberry for the tip!
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There are special stores for maternity periods such that once you loose weight you can adjust them to normal size also. So you can try that once.


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