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Marijuana while breastfeeding? - Page 8

Poll Results: Do/did you smoke marijuana while breastfeeding?

  • 0% (5)
    Yes, but I pumped and dumped.
  • 6% (35)
    Yes, but my child was no longer an infant (over a year).
  • 26% (141)
    Yes, I don't see a problem with it at any age.
  • 66% (352)
    No, never.
533 Total Votes  
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I smoke on occasion for severe pain (broken hip) and usually only at night.

I don't see a problem with it if there is some security in place. Baby proofed house- you aren't leaving your child to smoke- child doesn't have access to it- and you use your brain. Some people I know, aren't breastfeeding, will leave their kiddo's to smoke, or smoke in another room or the same room for that matter. I don't agree with that.

I think that being responsible is the big part of being an adult. If you are an adult and you want to smoke or vape then breastfeeding or pregnant or whatever- do so if that's what pleases you.
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Originally Posted by SleepyMamaBear View Post
no need to pump n dump. your body metabolizes it so no thc is in your milk. hth
I always figured that because THC gets stored in fat and stays in your system for such a long time, that breast milk would also get loaded up with it. How long does your body take to metabolize it? Where did you get this info?
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Interesting mixed views...of course

I don't have a problem with it mostly because my mom smoked during her pregnancies and while breastfeeding. Actually, if you look at the pictures in my baby book, you can see an ashtray with a roach in it right next to her while she's breastfeeding .
Me, my sister and my brother are all fine, healthy and smart
I understand alot of you will think what my mom did was selfish and risky, but hey... different strokes for different folks.
By the way, I'm only 26. I don't know how much "different" weed was back in the 80's than it is today...
And I agree that there are lots of other meds being used by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers that could potentially be dangerous. They say it's safe to take percocet during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
How did they come to that conclusion? ....
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Im replying before reading all the previous posts.

Pot is relaxing for the smoker. Personally, when I partake, I'm well with the world. Im creative and happy. I'm much better with the kids. My body doesn't hurt. If it was legal to grow and smoke, I would. I have brilliant creative children. If I were to smoke, I would always be sure there was another caregiver in addition to myself with the kids.

When I pump, I find I pump more milk when I partake. I am relaxed. My concern with smoking has to do with pot quality. I will not partake right now because there is no quality herb available. Mold gives me headaches and is poisonous to my body- not sure if that would travel to the milk. Bad herb has mold.

I think if the herb was high quality and you could operate as a parent, your baby was not exposed to second hand smoke, partaking would not affect your breastfeeding. There are plenty of other toxins that should concern you with contamination of your breastmilk.
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omg r u really serious?!??! lol wow you mamas really impress me I haven't smoked in yearssssssssssssssssss, I used to when I was young and silly. I dont think I could ever smoke again. I do my occasional wine or beer though
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Originally Posted by twopinknoblue View Post
Those of you that say you have used MJ while pregnant.....did you receive prenatal care? Just curious, because my midwife took urine samples at every visit, and I'm sure that if I were using an illegal substance then I would have been reported.
I'm sure someone has already commented on this, but health care providers don't just test for drugs without your consent, esp. not a midwife. Urine tests while PG are to test sugar & protein, not drugs.
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[QUOTE=Septagram;11047241]I have to say, though, I'm very skeptical that 80% of any pot has been laced. Why would a dealer who is out to make a profit invest money that he won't see a return on? [QUOTE]

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I used to be a really heavy pot smoker. Both DH and I were heavy smokers. Then I found out I was pregnant and I've maybe smoked 4 times since then... and that was 4 years ago. My problem is the ganja around here is soooooo good that I get wicked stoned off of just a little epecially since it's been so long since I've smoked, it sort of turns me off of it these days because it makes me nervous to be that out of it with kiddos around. I'm not a very "functional stoner" so I feel I wouldn't be the most functional mama. Once the kids get a bit older and my LO isn't nursing night and day and needing me round the clock I could see smoking occasionally, but never heavily again.
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I've research lots of studies on the subject and the conclusion is that THC has NEVER been proven to go through the breastmilk. I read an interesting article on Rastafarians that showed the their babies were highly alert and healthy and happy.

Happy mama = happy babies
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Originally Posted by astromama View Post
To the poster who said 'belladonna is natural' and she wouldn't take it while nursing: Belladonna is an ingredient in highland's teething tablets, a homeopathic medicine.... is it harmful?
Hylands are homeopathic which means that the active ingredient is significantly diluted. Several homeopathic remedies have ingredients that would be toxic in their normal state.
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I don't, but wouldn't judge a woman who did. I have only ever heard that it doesn't cross into the milk in any real amounts.

I would hope that no one smokes *around* a baby/child (not a fan of smoke in children's lungs, of any type) and that mama is responsible with her use when the children are relying on her to care for them and keep them safe.

I also would hope that if the mj is for self-medication purposes that it is really evaluated by the mama as the appropriate treatment. For instance, if there is a mental health issue that the mj is helping with, to be sure that it is really helping and not doing more harm than good. (I've seen mj help with mental health issues in ways that prescription meds failed miserably ... I've also seen it make problems worse.)
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