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August Mama's..new thread #2

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hey come and join me August mamas the other was getting long.
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Posting for email notifications...nothing new to mention! :LOL
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9 1/2 weeks to go (give or take!)

Hi mama's

I am just sitting here at work, taking a mama break to surf the trading post and check out the August mama's thread -- and think about how my edd is in 9 1/2 weeks!!!! AMAZING!!!!

Anyone else starting to feel pressure to "get things done" to be ready for baby?!!!

Sam is kicking right now, and sometimes I find myself "thinking" in my head, talking to her, feeling like she should be able to hear my thoughts -- it seems wierd to vocalize to her since she is so very much a part of me, still.... anyone else experince this??? maybe I am just wierd!!!!!

Need to get back to my work, but wanted to say hi....

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Yea birdwomyn! I talk to her 'telepathically', too! Now you want to hear something really insane? The other night dh fell asleep on the couch with the light and tv still on. So, as usual, I woke up at 2-ish AM to pee, and then climbed back into bed. Then there was a little voice saying to me "you should go turn off the light for daddy" and I said, "oh, ok" and got up and did it. Weird, yes? Insane, maybe?
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I understand!!!! Sometimes I just "know" what she needs -- or at least I think I do... and I go with it because I can.... :-)

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HI there....

Hi all, no time like the present to introduce myself........

My name is Susie, and I'm due Aug. 11.........can't believe it's now only 9 weeks away!!! Anyway, this is my 2nd little one, and we did not find out the sex (by choice). Our son is 2 years old, and keeps me going all day (but he keeps me laughing too, so I don't mind).

I am a SAHM, but during the year I teach Hebrew part time at a local synagogue. I also sell MAYAWRAPS and BABYSPA natural baby skin products if anyone is interested.

I've only posted a couple of times on here, and it seems like a great group. I like the advice and the variety of knowledge that people are able to offer! I look forward to being around here a little more often!

mom to Aviv (4/01) and ??? EDD 8-11-03
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welcome Susie! you and i are sorta due date buds too - I'm due August 9th

has been a busy few days here. We did the hospital labor and delivery tour on saturday and i came away upset, disappointed, angry and all around blah about deliverying at a hospital (see my "grieving the loss of the birth i want" post . ugh. But then last night was the "labor day" class at the birth center where i see the midwife for my prenatal care and the nurse/teacher was amazing and talked about the relationship they have with the nurses at the hospital i'll be birthing at and how they pretty much will "take over" and make it as much like a birth center experience as they can. so i guess i feel better.

i see my midwife on thursday for my almost 32 week appt so i'm going to ask her again to review my "risk factors" and pretty much beg her to get the ob's in the practice to consider allowing me to birth at the birthing center. to at least let me TRY. i mean, we could always transfer to the hospital (less then 5 minutes away from the birth center). I have a feeling they'll say no, but i have to try. Does anyone have the "list' most places use to determine risk? i know that i'm old (38 when baby comes), have had 2 prior cesareans and no vag birth (but they were DUE to pitocin and we KNOW that ugh), am a bit overweight and i have thyroid disease (but i hear that shouldn't matter since its controlled for 8 years with medication). i t hink they should let me try. lol

what else. Baby boy is moving and grooving in there. Still not telling me his name. lol

hope everyone is feeling well!!
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I just wanted to announce that DP starts a new job tomorrow morning at 8am!!!! She has been unemployeed since early to mid January and was REALLY struggling with the whole unemployment deal -- this is GREAT news for her and for us!!!!

She will be working as an Intake and Aftercare Counselor at a Women's drug and alcohol treatment program -- what is really cool about this treatment facility is that it is one of the few in the nation where women AND THEIR CHILDREN can live together while mom is in drug treatment!!! I am so proud of her and happy for her!!!! This is a pretty significant change in career paths -- one I support 110% -- and one that is as exciting as it is challenging.

Hope all is well with all you other August mamas....

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wow Kathy that must be a huge relief. I am happy for you.

CM, I am sorry about your challenges right now. I cannot believe I am only 8 weeks away. It freaks me out. My friend had a baby last night at 3 a.m. She had a hard labor but when completely natural. I am hoping for a VBAC but I get scared etc...

I am not taking Rainbow Light one a day and like it better than my six a day Eclectic.

Susie I love babyspa. Wanna trade for hemp baby clothing or unbleached organic?
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I went to the midwives yesterday and....
my iron is up, it was quite low two weeks ago, thanks to my new prenatal (Rainbow Light, one a day)
I passed my third glucose test, so I am done with that
My blood pressure is good, as always
She left the room and I started crying
cuz Charlie was breech and I thought well maybe something is wrong with my body
I am so happy. I have my fears about a VBAC and a unmedicated birth
but I feel like this is a message, It will be okay, Go for it KJ.
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That's awesome KJ! It WILL be ok, and you CAN do it!

colorful mama - good luck on the birthing center situation. I'm grieving the loss of the birth I want too (a home birth)! Maybe next time, if there is one!

better go, dd just peed her underware....
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Edited to remove inappropriate post.

If you have any questions about this, pm Chanley or Cynthia Mosher

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ya know

nightowl1234 - maybe you think its your mission in life to spread the anti-circumcision word to the masses, but personally i find it rude that you are indeed INVADING a space here. I said it on the last thread you posted this on and since we started a new one you're back.

you've made your point. the mdc'ers have made their points. there is a freaking anti-circumcision board on this community that members can go to where they can (YOU) can talk all about how circumcision is a horrible mutilation. Some of us choose not to visit that board because some of us might have religious or other personal reasons for circumcising or NOT circumcising our sons but don't wish to discuss it here. with you or with other internet folk.

that doesn't mean we're not informed. If we're here on this community, most of us are quite informed. and those that are seeking information know where to go to get it so ....

i find your continuous posts to be not only annoying but ( maybe this is 8mos pregnancy hormones coming out here) but i find them patronizing, condascending and downright obnoxious. My son will have a brit milah so i simply stay away from circumcision threads. This is an expecting mama thread, not a circ thread, so bringing it here just pisses me off to no end!

please...if we have another brand new thread (which i'm sure we will in another few weeks when it gets too long) please don't post this again.

and i'm sorry to the other mamas if THIS post offends anyone but i'm tired, hungry and now totally annoyed.
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Only to colorful Mama:

Edited to remove innapropriate post.
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I'm right there with you, Colorful~Mama.
I don't appreciate being lectured to, nightowl1234. Especially on our August mama's thread, which is very important to me. I'm sure that I am not alone here.
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I have to support colorful mama on this one too.

Posting an alternative liturgy is not, in my opinion, an appropriate response -- but actually a rather "in your face" act of insensitivity -- religious insensitivity, to be specific.

I am disappointed in this behavior and it certainly doesn't reflect well on the anti-circumcision community here at MDC....

: I thought this community was about respecting one another in the midst of our differences??

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hi all

I posted a little bit at the beginning of my pregnancy, but not since. Everything is going well- I feel surprisingly "unpregnant"!! I am expecting another boy, but have no clue what to call him- DH and I can't agree on that one (though I find myself calling my belly Sammy so who knows??)!

And to nightowl, I also find it rude and disrepectful you coming on this board and lecturing, and I am actually planning not to circ. It really is not up to you to preach though.

Ok, I look forward to this the rest of this journey with my fellow August mamas
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nightowl, you know what i am pissed about is the distraction and you taking away from good news i shared. You got everyone focused on telling you to

Go away!

So anyway

I had a good midwife appointment yesterday!!!!

Kathy Jo, mama to Charlie (uncircumcised little guy) who is being treated with antibiotics for the past three days for a penis infection. And the next little guy will also be uncircumcised.

And that is between DH and I.

Bye Bye
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Glad to hear you had a good appointment, and that you passed the glucose test! I find out on Wednesday if I passed mine. I'm also getting the list of things needed for the birth...starting to feel imminent for some reason!!!

We also, FINALLY have chosen our names!!!! I am so stoked!!
Girl: Kaia Summer
Boy:Leon Forrest


Had some bleeding last week, which FREAKED me out, probably why I feel the birth is around the corner.
I put my feet up, meditated, and had no more..just some minor spotting.
The baby is extremely active, so I am not worried about him/her.


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kaje i'm so glad you're appt went well . i had a good mw appt this week too..went over my birth plan and how we can try to make this hospital birth experience as comfortable and safe feeling as possible and make sure i get my natural vbac.

and Mamasoleil i love your names! they're both really lovely

juicylucy- i'm right there with you on names. i wish our boy would tell us his name. Right now the top of the list is Roman Micah (we'd prolly call him Romy). but it changes weekly. lol

hey. heres a ?
how many vbac mamas do we have here? i'm going for vbac after 2 cesarean births.

lets get back to sharing and let go of the annoyance that seems to have been edited out
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