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"pump resistance?" please help!

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I work part-time (23 hours) and pump with PIS for 9 month-old dd. I have generally been able to keep up with her demands by pumping at work, and in the evenings. However, the past week or so everything is different! My supply seems fine when nursing (nothing has changed), but I can only squeak out about an ounce when pumping! I do feel a let-down most of the time, so I don't think that's the problem. I know there is more in there cuz I can hand express a little even after pumping. I only have a few days worth in the freezer and I'm beginning to get a little panicky. Any thoughts or advise???? Any one else have this happen and get past it?
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Hm. I was always able to hand express a *little* bit after pumping, even when I pumped myself "dry." In other words, I was usually able to get a few moderate streams which then quickly decreased till they were mere drops.

How much is your child drinking at each feeding while you're at work? (I take it she's consuming more than you're producing...).

If there's a lot left after the pumping ceases being useful, then perhaps you could just strip yourself out by hand. I take it, as well, that there's nothing wrong with your pump, and that you've recently replaced any parts that wear down (if any - I've not used the PIS)?
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Marlena, thanks for the response. I have never been a very good hand-expressor, so I don't know how much is in there. I guess I just have a hard time believing there is only one ounce, cuz when dd nurses she is clearly getting a good amount (lots of swallowing). She has only ever taken 4oz bottles at daycare -- 3-4 of them, plus solids (and we nurse a lot at night). Her intake hasn't changed, just the amount I can pump in any given sitting. I do have an extra set of tubing and horns for the PIS, but it doesn't really seem to be malfunctioning. Maybe I should try a different pump....
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Could you be getting your period back? The same thing happens to me every month for a few days before and during-dd has no problems nursing, but the pump gets next to nothing:
Or, have you tried different settings?(if you have them-i use the purely yours) Sometimes it seems as though I get 'used to' a certain setting and have to fiddle with the speed.
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Actually, stormborn, yes, I have been having my period -- my third one since dd's birth. That's interesting.... the trouble has been going on for about 10 days, which is a long time when it comes to generating enough mm for dd! but I guess if I rebound soon (period just ended), I can chalk it up to that. I think I may also look into renting a hospital-grade pump to see if that would help. Thanks for your message.
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Also, consider whether stress could be a factor. DS is week younger than your dd and we recently had a similar spell. (As we all know, babies are far superior to pumps andit didn't affect his ability to nurse, just mine to pump) Once I recognized the stress and tried to let it go, things picked up. I also added back Mother's Milk tea a time or two a day and my supply picked right back up. Hope this might help!
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I had the same problem when DD was about the same age or maybe a little younger. I had to work a little less so I could nurse her a couple of extra times. Also I switched to a hand pump at first then to the Medela PIS after letdown. I got more that way. I pumped an extra time while at work (3 times a day) and I pumped in teh eve's and on weekends to make up for it. It got better and then it happened again three months later so I gave up and supplemented, nursing as much as possible. I had to leave work early and told the DCP not to feed her after 3 so she would be hngry when I got there. Part of the problem was the work schedule and that DD got hungry at 4 or so and would eat a lot and then not be very hungry when I got there. I couldn't leave her there hungry though so I had to leave work early. But I still left at 8 AM (not ealier) so that she would have her breakfact with me.
I was also stressed and sleep deprived at the time.
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More water? Yeah. More water. Are you taking any antihistamines or sinus stuff? I found that even taking the lowest dose of things like that would affect my supply. I could compensate by drinking loads of water. As in uncomfortable amounts about 1 hour before pumping. Pretend you are having an ultrasound and need a full bladder

Good luck!

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