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100 days!

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As of 4:17 this morning little miss is 100 days old . 100 days of the nicu with no end in site. Its already started off as a bad day. Last night she showed some big improvements and i got my hopes up that she was turning the corner. Everything that looked better before i went to bed at 3am got worse by 9 this morning. Its going to be a hard day to get through and dh wont be up til late tonight. The nurses are having a little party for her. I will take pictures and post them later.
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: What a milestone. I do hope your day improves drastically.
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100 days is HUGE!!! I hope Sierra's fighting spirit comes through today!!!!

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Keep fighting little one
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I'm still keeping your sweetie in my thoughts. Happy 100 days!
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100 days is a great sign!!! I am so glad the nurses are celebrating! Hang in there!!!!
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: 100 days is fantastic! I hhope the day improved and her fighting spirit reared its head!
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happy 100 days! i hope things are improving!
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