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Medicaid + step parents

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Does step parent income count for medicaid? We're moving soon (we do not know the state yet) and I know different states have different guidelines.
In your state- does it count?
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Not here. Only parents income counts.
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not here either. Stepparents income is never taken into consideration by the courts. Try telling that to one of the biomom's of my SD's. She came to court with my name and the name and address of where I work, expecting to get the court to count my income so she could get more $$ out of DH. She got a rude awakening.
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i don't know..

i know they tried to include my friends boyfriends income when she applied for her and her daughter (not his) last year bc she lived with him...so she was denied...
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The income of all of the adults (parent, SP, GPs ect) and children (CS, SSI, ect they receive) living in the household of the CP is counted towards any sort of public assitance here. The income of the NCP and the NCSP don't go into the calculation.
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I'm sorry, i misunderstood the question.

Here, and i think mostly everywhere, the HOUSEHOLD income is what is used to determine eligibility. That means that the primary household ("custodial parent" is often used, or, in cases of joint custody, the parent with whom the child lives 51% or more of the time. ) is used to determine a child's eligibility for public programs. So, in a situation where the mother is the primary parent, IF she is living with someone (be it boyfriend or husband) then YES, that persons income is used, because assistance goes by HOUSEHOLD income.

In court situations, the stepparent's income can generally NOT be used to calculate child support.
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I recently moved, but the state I came from does NOT count the income the entire household, only the income of the NATURAL parent in the household. I worked with many families applying for various types of assistance, and this was the case with applying for medicaid.
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Stpmom- where was that, if you don't mind me asking?
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