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Job Interview

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I need some advice!

I have been a SAHM for the past 5 years. Well, dh and I have decided to trade places and I have been looking for work. Well, I just landed my first interview! I am so nervous, though. I have forgotten how to be professional and I feel like I am only able to talk about my children (the job is as a research scientist). What do I wear? What do I say? AAAAHHHHHH I don't think I am ready for this!
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I always wear my trusty black pantsuit....its nice black slacks with a matching double breasted jacket (i can wear a shirt or not under it....when i do, i have a very pretty fuschia sleevless turtleneck)...i got it a few years ago from the JC Penney catalog.

Is there any info on the company you are trying to work for....maybe a website you can check out? see what the companies goals are, mission statement, etc. get a work related journal to read.....you can sound up to date in your field should they ask. get the mind going in a different direction, kwim?

you will do fine. they will be lucky to have you. good luck!!

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Well, I'm out of the (paid) work force myself these days, but I do have a few helpful hints.

First of all, try to have someone role play with you to get some practice. Make eye contact (in most situations) and do not cross your arms. Crossing your legs at the ankles is considered more professional than at the knees. Be prepared to be outgoing. A friend of mine just went for a job interview for an adminstative position and they asked her to sing!!! for them to see if she would.

In terms of questions, take a copy of your resume with you and make sure you KNOW everything on it. Be prepared to state your strengths and weaknesses. When thinking of a weakness, figure out a way to put a positive spin on it. Such as "I have a tendency to take on a lot, but I am learning how to prioritize in such a way that the work gets done on schedule without losing sight of what needs to be done now." (Not a great example, but brain not working right now.)

In terms of clothes, wear something professional. Comfortable shoes (you don't want to be walking funny), pants or a skirt, a dressy shirt, jacket if you want. I think the main thing is that your clothes are clean and not wrinkled and that your outfit is not too revealing. Another thing is that women with short hair tend to be perceived as being more professional, so if you have long hair, wear it up.

(PS -- I took a course on job search strategies and though I find some of these suggestions an affront to feminism, sometimes you have to work the system. Just wanted to make sure no one thought I think that revealing clothing or long hair or whatnot means a woman is more or less capable of doing a job.)

Peace and Good Luck!
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Hey, congrats! DH and I might be "making the switch" for a few months next year, and I'm a research scientist, too!

I second the advice to research the company or institution beforehand. Know what they are currently working on. Read up on your field-related journals; know what the current theories are and who is working on them.

Good luck!!
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Thanks for the replies.

I wonder if they will ask specific terminology questions? I have been out of the molecular biology loop for awhile and really need to brush up!

I suppose I should check out some sites like Monster and such for interviewing advice. I feel like mommy mush brain and would like to have some answers prepared. Mostly I just need to take some deep breaths and realize that I am qualified.

Do I really have to wear my hair back? I never wear it back (it is shoulder length).

Oh, sorry about all the "wells" in my first post- I guess I am feeling a little anxious!
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Thanks Piglet! I think we cross posted. I was actually thinking of pming you because for some reason I knew you did research.

If you have any specific advice, I would be so grateful!


*edit for TMI
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