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morning sickness remedies

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ok...first off, we should tar and feather the MAN who named this stuff MORNING sickness b/c i've had it since the day i tested and it hasn't let up!

second...i need remedies. i've tried ginger everything...not helping. i'm on the verge of ralphing ALL DAY, and have even had dry heaves. i'm SOOOOOOOOOOO exhausted and nauseous. anybody got anything to help? i had to take meds w/#2, #3, and #4 and am trying to avoid that!

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Vitamin Water- revive flavor. It has lots of B vitamins. I've heard B6 supplements are helpful, too.

I'm taking Zofran now- I didn't want to, but I couldn't function without it. I can still barely function, but it's better now.

btw-- your DD and I share the same name- 1st and middle.
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I also heard that B6 is good.

A student midwife suggested to me that I put a bowl of nuts beside my bed and eat a few every time I wake up in the night. She said the 8 hour stretch of not eating was probably making it worse, and I am sure she was right! I tried it last night but I don't think I ate enough. tonight I will eat more and we shall see.

Some people have found the motion sickness bracelets helpful.

I'm also trying homeopathic ipecac
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Ah poor mama, I've been there (4 times!!)

I'm not in any DDC, but totally have sympathy for mama suffering with severe nausea/sickness.

When all-day sickness is so severe that you are throwing up 7 to 14 times a day and/or have trouble keeping food or water down, I would highly recomend meds.

I took meds for my 4th pregnancy, and should of for the other pregnancies... it was a life saver. In canada it's called Diclecting (vitamin B with anti-histamines) and I could finally eat and drink!!

Things that helped with sickness when it wasn't severe were: Preggie Pops (the sour flavors) , Gatorade (the clear flavors) and not mixing drinking liquids with eating solids. And absolutely nothing remotely oily, those were so hard to digest. White bread (yup, the cheap unhealthy kind) helped too and never waiting to be hungry to eat.

I don't recommend nuts because of the oil content and the fact that they are hard to throw-up.
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If I get preggo again, I would order this

Now isn't that just the cutest barf bucket! Full or organic products and all!
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