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random venting

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I am trying to think positively about things. My main issue right now is just going into labor on my own. I was induced with DS and didnt labor at all with DD- I went to 42 weeks and then ended up having a c-sec. So I have never really gone into labor on my own. Now stupid me went and allowed a vaginal exam last Tuesday, where I learned I was a fingertip, effaced and cervix is midline and baby is low. Now those last two items are great but that whole fingertip word got me all upset. I KNOW it doesnt mean squat but now I am fixated on it. Clearly I wont be having more VE's 'cause I cant deal with the disappointment. I am trying to keep myself positive with the knowledge that I have a lot more ctx and pressure etc this time around.

I feel like if I think about it too much will I stress out and not go into labor? Or am I just thinking positively? kwim? I hate that I overthink stuff like this ...

Also if anyone has any "Oh I was 1 cm on Monday and had my baby on Tuesday" stories I would love to hear them. LOL
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i'm overthinking too!

i hear ya and i did go into labor on my own with ds. i think some of it must be hormonal...i am 40 weeks today and have been having early labor ctx and a lot of cervical pain for almost two weeks and have times where i actually doubt i'll go into labor (b/c it hasn't been "real" yet). seems like i should be more positive but it's strange how low my lows can be--i've been really down. i also have the fear that my negativity will keep me from labor.

your ve definately doesn't mean a thing...i wasn't dialated AT ALL and my ds never dropped b/f labor and he came when he was ready and on his own. and a friend of mine walked around for over four weeks at 4cm and 100% effaced and they broke her waters to start labor at 42w. so, it really doesn't mean a thing.

just try hard to be positive, stress won't keep you from labor but it def doesn't help! you WILL go into labor when you are supposed to. i hope that you have a supportive mw/ob who is believes this too! and no more VEs!

try to relax and be positive everytime those fears arise...
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I'm only 38 weeks right now - and from your siggy looks like we are due about the same time - so, for those of us who tend to gestate on the longish side, I just don't feel like anything we try at 38 weeks is going to be productive. I would skip the VE's until you pass your due date for sure!!!

btw - i have the opposite story for my 1st - head engaged, head low, and was 2cm dilated and 70% effaced at 36 weeks - then after 24 hours of active labor 5 weeks later - I was only at 3cm dilated....so the 'early' dilation, promising signs, etc didn't mean much for me...still took me 50 hours to get the guy out at 41 weeks!

i hear the third labor is the big question mark though - so anything can happen! I'm really hoping your body will kick in on its own this time!
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I am approaching 39 weeks and feeling anxious as Luke came on his own at 38w3. I agree with 13Sandals, I think whatever you do the baby is not going to come unless they are ready. Unfortunately, we just don't know when that will be. I am trying not to be anxious but it is hard knowing that it could be any moment, or it could be 3 weeks. I don't want to not be prepared. Of course there really isn't much else I can do. I am trying to keep the house together and stay as well rested as humanly possible- I guess those are good things to do regardless.
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