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What's the difference.....???

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...........between Attachment Parenting and Natural/Alternative Parenting?
Is there one?
Another site just added the latter of the two to the site( AP board is thriving) and I do not see how there can be any *real* difference between the too?
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My feeling is to be a natural parent you should breastfeed, cloth diaper, eat organic, avoid tvs, baby devices, ect. You can look at a parenting practice and say this is natural parenting this is not.

Attachment parenting is more about the relationship. Almost any parenting practice- formula, strollers, tv, ect- can be applied in a way that respects both the parent and the child and fosters their attachment.

IMHO the only tenet of AP is respect for your child. You can be a natural parent and still not respect your child. Although they are often found together, they are can be pretty mutually exclusive in some families.
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Yep, I totally agree. AP is a parenting philosophy that revolves around making the child feel secure and respected. Gentle discipline falls into this category. Sleep sharing is a tenent (unless, of course, the child hates or something like that). Breastfeeding is important for its bonding, but, once again, it is not required. A formula feeding mom isn't any less attached. Also a parent can use 'baby devices' and still be ap, just as long as he or she does not overuse them, kwim?

Natural Family Living seems to go hand in hand with attachment parenting, because since ap is a natural way to parent, it is only fitting that these two practices would attract the same types of people. I think cloth diapering, nonvaxing, and using natural toys have nothing to do with attachment parenting, however many ap parents do practice these things.
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SO does this mean a natural parenting mamma would breastfeed, not formula feed, use cloth dipes, holistic healing, and natural toys, these all being tenents?:

more so using all the tools of AP and then some?

trying to learn here......
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I think NFL is more about the environment (cloth diapering, avoiding plastic) and holistic health (organic foods, naturopaths, herbal remedies first, etc).

I think AP falls under the NFL umbrella. At least, that's how I think of them.

T Grammer nazi... it's tenet not "tenant". (It's an addiction, I'm trying to get help). Sorry.
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SO does this mean a natural parenting mamma would breastfeed, not formula feed, use cloth dipes, holistic healing, and natural toys, these all being tenents?
I am just saying you can look at a specific parenting "thing" and say this is more natural (BF) this is not (FF). But you can't look at a FF baby and say this is not AP.

So maybe we can say that AP is based on the well being of our child -respecting his feelings and needs. And NFL is based on the well being of our earth -taking care of her feelings and needs.

Again they are often found together, in many families the complement each other well, but I don't feel like either is a part of the other.
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ot- thanks piglet, i took a 300 level grammer class in college, it was suposed to add about 1500 words to one's vocabulary, it didn't work-even though i had to take it 3 times :LOL

yep, i think they are independent of each other but often found together.
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It's grammar, not grammer.

And it's a spelling problem (tenant, tenet), not grammar.
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