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yay! i guess i'm finally a wahm!

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well. its been a long time coming (making patterns, research, web development...) but i am finally open for business! ( i haven't yet taken the plunge into MDC advertising... soon...)

just wanted to share my joy and relief that i am there: i did it: it's done: i am a WAHM!

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Congrats! Nice site

edit: incase you're wondering I found the url in Tabitha's profile Go check it out!
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Uh-oh . . .must resist trying new diapers . . .they look AWESOME!!! Love the site and very classy logo!
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Wonderful Tabitha! I'm so happy for you.

Look for a podegi order from me soon

edited: meant to say I really like your site and love the logo and name...I like the way your last name begins with Om...the universal sound.
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Congratulations, Tabitha. I'm excited for you. I can't wait to look over the entire site. (But I'm going to have to since it looks like we may be heading for the basement tonight. Ack!)

Why oh why did I buy diapers this morning?! I should have waited!
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Site is very good looking. Not babyish at all which I love. I need to browse some more. Congrats mama!
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Congratulations! Your site looks great!
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Your site looks very nice!
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Great site!!! Can't wait to try them out. What a beautiful family!!!
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Thanks everyone! wasn't trying to bypass the MDC ad thing, just really overjoyed to have things running! We have been working for a really long time on this. Why did it take soo long (and so much $?) ??

But its really fun. Tristan is 10 months old (today!) and requires me all day, but i manage to get things done. He is still a huge nurser- hasn't slowed down at all. (yay!)

I am also doing a lot locally, we'll see if it becomes too much. it could, i suppose. Karl seems to think it will. i look at that as a good sign- i would rather be too busy than not busy at all!

Thanks for sharing my excitement! tabitha
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Good Luck Tabitha!

I really like your website....peaceful, so much so, i can almost here a stream trickling in the background....ahhhhh

Sadly, my youngest is 5. so i cant buy a sling, or diapers.....maybe you'll make jewelry?

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Wonderful site! Congratulations!!!! I'm eyeing that sage green wool cover.
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Awesome site! I love your sling choices. They are so unique and very much the types of things I've been looking for. I ended up getting a Chinese carrier! I had never seen those before! Can't wait to try it out on my little monkey! I can't get anything done with the Bjorn anymore, he's just too heavy to put in front now. And our Kelty is too big and heavy and I worry it doesn't support his body correctly as he isn't sitting on his own yet.
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