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Mother-ease Sandy's

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i love my mother-ease sandy's diapers. I have tried prefolds, fuzzibunz, a wahm fitted diaper, and the mother-ease one size. None of them can hold a candle to the mother-ease sandy's in my book. I have never had a problem with leaking (which I had with all the others).
Just wanted to share
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I agree...I loved mine too when I was using them (I've switched over to exclusively using pockets). I'm going to buy some for my friend for her new baby....they are wonderful for newborns!
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MotherEase Sandy's are AWESOME!

I've used mine for years (multiple children) and they're still in EXCELLENT condition. I plan to use them again with baby no. 4!!

I found the snaps to be much more preferable to the velcro-type diapers (which tore and became linty and less adhesive with time)

I think they are a wonderful value, too.
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Don't like Mother Ease Sandys

These were my first cloth diapers and I read really great reviews of them so I bought 2 dozen.

I have really heavy wetters and while these dipes are really cute I didn't find them very absorbant even with the doublers. They are also incredibly bulky and my baby looked pretty funny in them.

In the last 3 yrs I have tried tons of different types/brands and I have to say that these are my least favorite.
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I like these at night with a doubler and wool cover. It's big and bulky but she seems comfy in them.
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2 kids (1 boy and 1 girl) later these are still my fav fitteds. I bought a dozen of these and a dozen of the one size as my first diapers 5 years ago and i still love them.
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Hands down my absolute favourite diaper! Very absorbant and very soft!
I have been using mostly the ME one size then decided to buy a bunch of pocket dipes thinking it'd be easier with a newborn and a toddler in diapers but nope.. am selling all of my pocket diapers for more sandy's!
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