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I do everytime. Not that I dont trust my DH but if somehow, somewhere I got HIV I would want to know.
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didn't realise this would be so contrivertial

I did the whole panel of tests with my first pregnancy but after that the Midwife suggested that since I was monogamous it was unnecessary to do it again. I am shocked that anyone who tested positive wouldn't take a second or third test before starting medication while pregnant.

In college two of my 4 roomates ended up with STD's from monogamous relationships. One ended up with clamydia and another with HPV. I second the you never know until you've been tested comment from up above.
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Hell yes I got the HIV test. We'd only been together a month when I got pregnant, he has had a lot of sexual partners, I've taken lots of silly risks with several different people, the chance was definitely there. I was absolutely terrified to be honest, because I have no idea what I would have done, I can't imagine telling my family that not only did I get knocked up, I also got HIV. I spent a long time stressing out whilst waiting for the results, wondering what I would do, how I would explain why I wasn't breastfeeding when I am so vehemently pro-bf (from all the reading I did then I really really don't think that HIV+ women bfing in a developed country is a wise course of action), why I would (possibly) be having a c-sec (to reduce chances of transmission)....yeah, I was absoultely terrified. Thankfully, it was clear, and all of my STD tests have been (I had to fight to get a chlamydia test as it's not routine here-not good). It's weird though, as if I hadn't got pregnant I probably would never have got tested. Very silly of me.
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I went ahead and consented. I guess my main reason was they were already taking blood so why not. The more I thought about it, I thought "you never know."

Thanks ladies!
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I thought that I would answer no to this question, and may have actually posted previously in this thread about it

That being said, I went to see my midwife yesterday for the very first time, and they asked if I would be ok with them taking blood, and not even thinking about HIV I said yes. As they were taking it I asked what it was for and they went through a whole bunch of things... hemoglobin, blood type, HIV, some std, and 3 other things that slip my mind atm.

It was all one needle prick, and because of that, when the midwife asked if I was ok with them testing it all, I said yes. I am unbelievably comfortable with the midwife practice, and the fact that they asked really made me feel that much better about it. I told her that it would all come back negative again, but that since they already had my blood that if it was less work that way I was ok with it.

If a seperate needle prick was needed for testing for HIV or any STD I would decline them. Also if I was not comfortable with the practice, I would decline them too.
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Originally Posted by thundersweet View Post
I went ahead and consented. I guess my main reason was they were already taking blood so why not. The more I thought about it, I thought "you never know."

Thanks ladies!
My intention was for them NOT to take any blood. I have physical obstacles to successfully having blood taken, in addition to religious objections.

I looked at the list of what they test for, and I knew all of the answers except my iron level. But, they wouldn't believe me.

I knew my immunity history, I knew my blood type, I knew I was negative for all STDs, etc.

When I changed to a MW, she believed me. But, she explained that if there was a hospital transfer and I hadn't done these tests, the baby would suffer for it. So, I had to try.

The MW made a miracle. It was the first time in my life that anyone was able to get blood out of me in less than an hour and with less than 25 holes. I told her that if I ever need to have blood taken again in my life, I am calling her.


Knowing what I know now about false positives, I would be very nervous.

A friend of mine told me how his wife had gotten a false positive for gonorrhea and came home very upset at him. Neither of them had been with anyone else besides each other. He was furious at the accusation, grabbed his wife by the hand, and went storming into the hospital. He demanded a re-test, and it turned out they were clean.

A false positive for HIV on your record can be very problematic for you the rest of your life.
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Originally Posted by Lady Lilya View Post

A false positive for HIV on your record can be very problematic for you the rest of your life.
This is important to realize. Even if you get a negative after, one positive will be a problem forever.

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I consented. Several years ago, I had an HIV scare after a questionable incident in a hospital overseas. I tested negative at the time, but wanted confirmation. I suppose I could have gone to a confidential testing facility (?), but as the tests were included with one stick (and covered by insurance), it seemed the most practical. Apart from that, there's no chance of HIV, or any STD.

That said, if anything came out positive, I would re-test like crazy before beginning any treatment.
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Originally Posted by alegna View Post
This is important to realize. Even if you get a negative after, one positive will be a problem forever.

I have on my record from about 5 years ago a blood test that said I have hypothyroidism. It isn't true.

But, if I try to get private health insurance (as opposed to group health insurance) it will look to the insurance company like I have a condition requiring regular medication and testing, and they will want to charge a higher premium. All I can do is hope that the information stays secret and it doesn't come to that.

When I changed doctors, I didn't have my records forwarded, hoping they would die. I DID fill the prescription for Synthroid, but since I have changed health insurance companies about 5 times since then, I am hoping that any new company that I might apply to wouldn't go back that far to look at specific claims.
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I've done it and don't regret it. I have several reasons as to why. Onei s because I am a csection momma and will be having surgery. Should something happen, i would not want my baby to go through additional blood draws for this test. If I am neg. the belief is that my baby is also negative.
My son, the one we adopted, was tested for HIV after he was born because his birthmother refused the test. It was quite traumatic for all of us.
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I consented with my first preg because I knew I was due for an HIV test.

The second baby, I declined. If my dh had time to run around on me, god bless him. He works basically from home. Plus at that point I was a bit more educated about the use of AZT and infants/breastfeeding. I did not want to open a can of worms.

If I were to do it over again, I would have gone to a clinic to see if I could have a confidential test taken w/o disclosing that I was preg.
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I consented. DH and I had both been tested 10 years ago and though we've been monogamous, we thought it couldn't hurt to double check. I asked about the CDC's recommendation and they basically said it was up to me to decide if I wanted it or not. At the next visit they went over all the results except for HIV and that made me nervous. Apparently, the results for this test are kept in a secure place separate from your regular file in this ob's office and thankfully the result was negative.
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I did.. I was amazed at my hospital, I got the results w/ in 20min..

(I did it, as dh cheated on me last year : )
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I declined the testing. I know that I am in no way at risk for it and am confident in that.
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I started off with dr care for my first pregnancy.

I declined it.
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I declined that (and several others!) but I don't have any risk factors.
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i did it...never gave it a second thought... till i was WAITING 10 DAYS for results...i'd take one again it's no big deal but the waiting sucks...oh yeah and i hate needles...but i did it for my little ds...if it would of been positive they could of taken precautions to keep him from getting it...i think it's worth it...ykwim?
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I consented, because I do have "risk factors". Dh and I are not monogamous, and while we're very careful with our choice of partners and use of protection, well, only abstinence and true monogamy are 100%.

But I do appreciate the info being shared here. I did not know about the false positive risk with pregnancy. Now I know I'll ask for an immediate retest before beginning treatment on the off chance I test +.
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i've gotten the test with every pregnancy because in 1999, i had a needle stick at work, with a patient that had received several blood transfusions and at the time was testing positive for Hep B. they weren't sure of his definite HIV status, so for ME..... better safe than sorry

but if i hadn't had that exposure, i probably would've denied it.
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I was planning to get it, but I was very scared. I didn't ususally practice safe sex, and I'd had a few partners over the last year, and I"d never been tested. I told family & close firends I wasn't sure I wanted ote try breastefeeding, so that if I did test positive, they wouldn't question that so much.

I tlaked to the dr. filling in for my dr. SHe really pushed the test, but tild me I was likely negative. That on average, I'd have to have slept with an HIV+ guy like 100 times to get it.

I decided to put off testing. So the form for hte lab did not have a check mark to do the HIV test. I got a separate form for it form my regular dr, but she said ti was up to, and no problem at all if I didn't want it, so I never bothered to go to the lab. All my other tests were negative. Dr. didn't go over all of them just said they were all fine.

Anyhow, then a few weeks later, I saw the fill in doc again. She looked at my chart and said, "oh I see you decided to have the HIV test?" I said, no I had not. She said,"well, the lab did it anyhow. That's not good, but it's negative, so no need to complain." I was surprised how relieved I was. So I"m very glad now the lab screwed up!!

I guess so few people decline, the lab just does standard tests without looking closely at the form.
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