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how soon, after your normal birth, did your healthy baby nurse?

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BIL and gf just had ds #1 at 5pm and 2.5 hrs later he still had not nursed. I know she had an epidural and this can cause laziness, but he's wide awake...or so they say.

anyway, i'm concerned ( a lot of background here, both are recovering addicts/alcoholics since Sept) and I've never had a medicated birth and all of my children latched on immediately after birth...so i'm pretty ignorant when it comes to problems.

so, how bout you?


raising 4 incredible boys with an equally awesome dh!
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shosh was born at 11:28 pm, but didn't nurse that night/morning or even the next afternoon. we were both pretty damn tired after 21 hours of contractions that were 3 minutes or less apart!
from everything i read, the baby doesn't NEED to eat for close to 24 hours after birth.
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Well, I had one unmedicated birth, two epidurals, one of those epidurals i had pitocin. All my babies were excellent nursers, real champs! I immediately had them at my breast (except for #2, meconium, but less than 5 minutes later he was at the breast), and all three lached on without difficulty, and stayed there for several hours...i went breast to breast.
you might want to define "normal" for clarity.

It might not be the epidural. i heard some babies dont eat for quite a while after birth.
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was baby heavily/forcefully suctioned? as a doula I have seen a baby not want to nurse for that reason. their throat is sore.

just a thought.

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when i said normal i meant vaginal/full term. of course my idea of normal is at home and unmedicated, lol.

he has a forceps mark on his face where they drug him out...i mean lovingly delivered him...he was a little sideways. poor guy. of course, if he could survive the gf smoking meth and drinking during the first 20wks of preg and smoking cigs the rest of the time, i'm sure he'll survive a few hours with nursing:

i'm not bitter, lol, just waiting to rescue this sweet babe.
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Poor thing.
Stay strong, stay sweet...they might need you. more than you know.

hugs to you and you new nephew!
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With ds#1, I waited until I was in a recovery room to try and nurse, so about an hour.

With ds#2, I tried immediately, but he wanted to wait until I was on the pot (I should have seen the writing on the wall LOL), so about 10 minutes.
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I've only had one birth, an unmedicated hospital forceps delivery. DD had bruises and marks but latched on in maybe 15 minutes. In the 2 days in the hospital she only nursed a few times though, the longest time being 20 minutes. I think if she needed more than that she would have nursed more; she shared my bed the whole time.
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Given the history of the mother I wonder if they have checked things like sugar levels.

I have a c-section when DS was 36.5 weeks. Because he was borderline premie the pediatrician ordered a sugar test done. However, the nurse forgot to check the chart and spent an hour cleaning him up before letting me try and nurse him. By that time his blood sugar had dropped so low that when he wouldn't nurse they tried the bottle and that didn't work. The ped. had a fit and took DS and DH to the nursery so they could tube feed him. After that DS was fine but nursing was impossible for the next 3 weeks (loong boring story).

Let me just say that if and I have another c-section I will be demanding to feed the baby before they clean he/she up.
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dd was born by c-section and nursed within 45 minutes. I was adament and asked the nurse while I was in the recovery room to have dh bring her back as soon as possible. And as soon as I saw her again the nurse helped me get her on.
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c/s and nursed right after they sewed me up.

i wouldn't be surprised if the g/f's habits had an effect, but also think not all babes nurse right away.
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Another c/s who nursed as soon as Annabelle was in my arms. If I could have latched her on while they sewed me up, I would have.
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With my first, it was DAYS before she nursed. She just didn't want or need to.

Once she decided she wanted to, though, she didn't want to stop.

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my dd nursed within a couple minutes and she was born without intervention
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#1 epidural/ vacuum nursing within 20 minutes

#2 no interventions didn't nurse for 14 or 16 hours (of course big brother latched right on there after he was born )
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I had pitocin/epidural and eventual vacuum delivery (after 23.5 hours, I was NOT having a c-section!). He nused about 15 minutes after delivery very well, but after that he wasn't interested for a day or so - I'd put him to the breast, he'd latch, and then just kind of hang out.
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Aunt Jennifer...How's the baby doing?

Hope all is well and he's off to a good start!
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I had Stadal (a narcotic) 12 hours before the birth, and an epidural right before and Aidan nursed 45 minutes after birth.

He probably would have nursed earlier, but they had him on the table because he was 4 weeks preemie and they were working on his breathing.
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Baby #1 was born in 1979 and we weren't able to nurse (hospital policy) for a couple of hours after birth (my mom saw her in the nursery and said, "she looked hungry")

All seven of my other children were born in the birthing room, birthing center, or at home. These children were nursed *immediately* after birth (as in before the cord was cut)

Offering the breast soon after birth (within the first half-hour) is part of the WHO guidlines because nursing close to birth is associated with successful breastfeeding)

Hope your niece/nephew is given the opportunity to nurse!

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All of mine nursed within ½hr after birth - as soon as I got my mitts on them. I have all hospital births.

Hope your nephew is doing well.
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