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I wanted to try them and did not find a review here but the ones on the diaperpin were positive… So I tried them and now here’s my not-as-positive review.

Overall I would say they are ok diapers for specific circumstances (i.e. long babywearing session) but I would not buy them again.

Soft Sherpa
The soaker pad is nice and big, and the edges are soft so when babywearing for extended period of time they do not leave red marks on the bum like my other fitted or prefolds.
They absorb quite a bit once they have been washed enough times.
Gorgeous colors.
Dry quite quickly considering the thickness…

I liked the idea of a 2 size diapering system but I don’t see how you can fit this diaper on a 7lb newborn!: We started using them DD was 12 lbs and they were absolutely humongous on her. Only one small pull-up cover we had could cover it. Otherwise it required a medium wrap.
They are expensive.
Did I say that they were huge and bulky?

They are now at the bottom of the stash, one of the last dipe I reach for…