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Weekly Thread ~April 16 - 22 ~

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I didn't see a thread for this week...and seeing as I'm trapped in the house due to the winter weather...

Onward into yet another week we go! Hard to believe that some of us will have a babe in arms in the next month or month and a half!
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Oh yeah...and the reason I was looking for the weekly thread...

I found a fun Canadian website with tons of natural birth products! They ship to the US so I'm really tempted (especially with the exchange rate), it's run by a WAHM who is also a DONA doula (and for all I know a mdc mama...) and they have some really spiffy stuff.

I found it when searching for "mesh panties" for another thread and if you're a Canadian mama (or just curious) it could be a good site to check for all sorts of stuff. They even have a "birth kit" for hospital births.

Argh...I almost forgot to add the url! Okay, my brain must be out to lunch.

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My brain seems to be out to lunch all the time now :

I'm leaving in an hour for a trip to Vegas - our first trip without the kids! I already miss them My MIL and her sister will be staying at our house and keeping up with their schedules as best as possible. I just hope the little one is OK with it, he hasn't ever been away from both of us (Daddy travels all the time). It's my one last HOORAH before the new one comes in less than 8 weeks.

Less than 8 weeks.

That is so short!

Can I scream now?!?!?!?!?!?
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Shannon - I hope your trip goes well. I know what you mean, it is SO hard for me to think of leaving dd, in fact I'm worried about when I go into labor and have to go to the hospital and leaving her with my good friend. She loves going over there, but she has never spent a night away from me before.

Ok, I need your thoughts on this. Has anyone else noticed the baby moving ALOT LESS? I mean, this kid used to be so active inside of me, but this weekend, it seemed to slow down alot. I still feel it now and again and if I nudge my belly it does seem to respond and shift, but not the wild kicking and turning I've felt the last 7 weeks or so. I started to get nervous yesterday and went and ate some strawberry cream (YUM!) and it did kick start the little bean. But still. I feel a little nervous now and again. This morning all was quiet, and just now it finally started moving around a bit.

Anyone else notice any changes?
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sylvi: I wouldn't worry or stress about it... think of all things there are to consider as you get on in gestation. Baby is getting bigger and thus the babies dorm room if getting smaller. There's less room for that little babe to swimaround and if they have settled into to position then there is even less "swimming" feelings.
Also, remember that there are definate periods of sleeping and awake time. Sometimes you get busy and dont really notice the little kicks that happen hear and there while you're going about your everyday business... I wouldn't worry too much. Aslong as you're feeling movement everyday then you're probably just fine! Remember... worrying only causes wrinkles!!!!

Speaking of wrinkles and worrying I asked DexP if I could wait another few months before having this baby... he said SUUUUREEEE!!!! I thought that was super nice of him!

OH... and on the name game issue... DexP's Brother is having ANOTHER baby (number 3... which isn't alot but they have just recently been reported to CPS for abuse...they are just not the family/parenty types) well anyway... Dexp's Brother and SIL looked at us (there was a big "family" dinner that I got invited too with everyone else) and said "You're 8 months pregnant and you dont have a NAME?????????" Then they offered us their "regected name list" and told us the names they picked.... mind you she found she was pregnant about 2 weeks ago....


however... we might have agreed on a name... Ceres... but we would pronounce it (hmm... how to spell this phoneticly...) SEHR-ehs. thoughts?
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Whitewax: LOVE the name Ceres.

Shannon: Have fun in Vegas!

Sylvi: Yup. My baby has slowed down a LOT. He/she is growing really fast and is spending a lot of time asleep, but boy when it is time to get-up and go... This baby used to be one hell of a kicker and now the new game seems to be for him to see how far he can stick his foot and fist out and into the world.

Leg Cramps have arrived. This morning I woke up with my right calf muscle trying to invert itself. I have never had such a bad cramp in my life. It was extraordinarly painful and every time it started going away it came back full-force. Very weird. My husband had to haul me out of bed as I squawked and hollered and the animals looked on like I was an amusing tv show. Then, after I got my leg unkinked our little dog had some "butt issues" and I had to run off to the vet. What a morning!

I'm trying to keep a good attitude here ladies but this first-timer is starting to loose her composure a little bit. This baby-making business is hard work and not very comfortable. Does anybody have a secret recipe for maintaining a good attitude through the home stretch or do we just roll with it and do our best to forget once it's all over with?
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[QUOTE=sylvi76;7864471]Has anyone else noticed the baby moving ALOT LESS?QUOTE]

Yup. It scared the beejeebees out of me last week. I was so worried that something was wrong. But after about 6 hot wings (very hot) the baby was jumping around like he/she used to! But, the baby has definitely slowed down a bit-I am assuming that is just because it is getting more cramped in there. So, now when I'm worried I just have a spicy meal since that seems to jump start movement (and doesn't give me heartburn!!!).

I am feeling much more moody lately. Anyone else? DH is in his last weeks of the semester which means he is working his behind off trying to get things finished up-he has 3 papers to write that are all 15-20 pages in Spanish, and I'm feeling lonely and bored when he's working. That just makes me cranky and I know I'm not very pleasant to be around. Plus, the house is getting cluttered since it is so hard to bend over to pick things up and I get cranky about the clutter!!! I just keep telling myself that it's going to get better soon. (The end of the semester is always hard since DH is so busy, but it just seems worse this year and I don't feel like I'm handling it very well.)

No more griping for me, I promise! It's a beautiful day-I think I'll go home and plant some flowers this afternoon. That will make my day!
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Yes, moody and hormonal here unless it's sunny and I'm enjoying myself!

My three year old and I are playing baby, so I'm typing holding a baby right now...guess it's good practice but it's a lot slower! I have to admit, I like this game! I even keep sniffing her head and it smells like chocolate or something!

So I'm doing great- just starting my 34th week! I had ANOTHER dream last night about a fast baby born in my bed! The first was a couple months ago...I dreamt that I woke up to the baby mewing under the covers, rooting on my leg!! I pulled it up, nursed it, and we went back to sleep. Apparently it was born under the covers while I slept! Last night I dreamt I woke to a contraction, and with the next one needed to push, and out came a baby girl all at once! In the dream she was born a week and a half early, had a head full of black hair (um, my babies are always bald), and we just kept saying how beautiful she was!

The funny thing is that in my dreams of baby girls, they do NOT strike me as Soleil. And I've even had dreams that I had the baby and decided to name her Piper instead because it suited her better. The baby in last night's dream I would really say was much more of a Piper than a Soleil...so maybe our girl name isn't so settled either! I love Piper, but have said that I have a hard time thinking about it being a WOMAN's name, and that I'd only use it if it just felt like the one that fit the baby. Interesting...
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Shannon: Enjoy your trip! Vegas sounds like a lot of fun!

Sylvi: My baby's movements have changed and slowed down a lot. I can tell he is running out of room in there. I have days where I get worried too and wonder when the last time was that I felt him move. Some sugar usually gets him going. He loves ice cream

Marvelleaux: Leg cramps are horrible! I had one two nights ago. I was sleeping on the couch and wanted to yell for DP in the bedroom but didn't want him to think I was in labor again. I just layed there rolling around and trying to get my foot to move so I could flex it upward. It would not budge, it was stuck pointing down. My WHOLE leg (toe to thigh) was as hard as a rock, it lasted for an eternity.

I've been slacking on taking my magnesium supplement and eating bananas, yesterday I went to the store and stocked up on bananas. They really do help with cramps. I've only had 2 leg cramps this preg and both were when I was slacking on eating bananas.

I'm nesting like a madwoman. I can't stop. It is out of control really. I'm still crampy all the time and I'm worried I won't be able to hold labor off for many more weeks. I did complete my 33rd week yesterday 3 more weeks until safety zone. Today and yesterday I bought a bunch of baby stuff. I think we have it all now. I've also been cooking in bulk and freezing food. I'm determined to keep this baby in for at least 3 more weeks if I have to stand on my head and cross my legs to keep him in!
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I hit 33 weeks tomorrow and man...the time is FLYING by. I was sort of running over all the things I wanted to ask at my next appointment and it sort of hit me that it could all be "moot" in about 4 weeks!

Although I'll probably go later again and wind up with a mid-June babe, I'm still nervous. I'm suppsed to visit friends and do some final nesting IKEA shopping the last weekend of April and now I'm sort of wondering if I should go!
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Ok ladies--question about how you're counting weeks.

(by the way, I just discovered that a heating pad makes post-leg-cramp muscles feel soooo much better...) Oh and Jillian, I was trying not to cry out for my DH as well because I didn't want him to think something was wrong with the baby... I hollered a lot though once he was aware it was a leg cramp . And you're right about the bananas. I also take supplemental calcium/magnesium and this was my second leg cramp, though the first an "almost" leg cramp whereas this one was magnificent. And... keep that kid in there, lady

Ok, back to weeks. According to the "28" day cycle my due date would land on June 1st (date of last period was August 25th). Every friday I celebrate another week "starting", not another week "finished". For example, on Friday the 13th I celebrated starting week 33 and considered myself a full 32 weeks preggo. Am I doing this wrong?

I don't want to get my hopes up and think I'm a week closer than I really am.

Moody--yes. Hormonal, not too bad. I am absolutely enormous and I'm afraid the majority of the posts coming out of me are going to be tinged with complaint and worry. Ack! I really need to laugh more!

How are you ladies keeping sane?
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I specifically remember the movement slowing down around this time (or a bit later than 30 weeks?) with DS. Now, he got himself tangled in his cord (twice around the neck!) so I have residual guilt that that's when he slowed down and I should've "done something", but I did kick counts and all and the doc said it was fine.

Had my mw appt today. My baby is breech. : We went from sideways to WRONG-ways, darn it.

I know where the exercises are and that I need to do them. Remember that I've had a fear all along that this one would be positionally "difficult". Only because I was right with my first pg that DS wanted to come a touch early have I lent any credence to this idea. Could I be causing this by expecting this? ARG!

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Willo Please dont feel any guilt! I dont think for a second you are causing it by expecting it... you are simply tapping into your own womanly/motherly intuition. I find my intuition is hightened when I'm pregnant too... it's a good thing that you know yourself and you need to TRUST what your mind tells you, not feel guilty for thinking something.

About the weeks thing...I think I'm a bit lost too... lol... I'm due June 5th.. I think I am DONE with 32 weeks and working on 33 (untill tomorrow, tues) or maybe it's that I'm done with 31 and working on 32..... hmmmmmm

lol... I think Marvelleaux and I got a bit confused Jillian when you said you were 33 weeks.... aren't you do mid june sometime or am I just totally out of it, off my rocker and nuts?????? I'm guessing the latler... lol some one clear this up!!! and how does every one say "months" Am I 8 months???? i need help! ha ha
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I'm "due" sometime between June 4-11...depending on whether you're looing at conception (I know the day), LMP (ditto), or early u/s (twice in the early weeks when it's pretty accurate for dating purposes).

So according to my care provider I'm finishing week 32 and starting week 33 tomorrow (they use the LMP date)...and then I'll be 33 weeks one day, 33 weeks 2 days, 33 weeks 3 days, etc.

You can look at your due date and count backwards if that helps! The whole thing is silly, and confusing, and I remember in my first pregnancy having huge debates with myself over what "day" I was. This time I have to sort of stop and remind myself where I am.
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The whole due date issue has always confused me, not to mention I am a bit more "dumb" in pregnancy. So I just go with what my MW and I originally figured from my conception date, and so far I have measured exactly on track to that. Anyway I hate saying my due date is June 9th, I would rather say it is early june, (I'm shooting for june 1st ).

Things are going well here, I feel like I had a major growth spurt over the past few days, and am looking like it too. Plus I am finally hungry, I haven't had an appetite in a long time, so it feels good to want food!

I mentioned how I am "dumb" in pregnancy, well I am feeling so "out of it" lately, total mommy brain: . My DH has had fun with me though, I keep telling him there is no blood going to my brain, it is all going downward, and he said well now you know what it feels like to be a guy. If it's true, those poor, poor men! He was even making fun of me because I have always prided myself on being an excelent multitasker, and now, I just seem to mess everything up when I do that, so I need to slow down my thoughts and try to encourage blood flow to my brain too. I better get off of MDC because I have some phone calls I can't "forget" to make. TTFN
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I'm due June 4 and I've completed 33 weeks today. So if you're due on June 5 then you'll have completed 33 weeks tomorrow. Then you'll be working on your 34th week, Wed you will be 33 weeks, 1 day, and so on - all the way up until the following Tuesday when you will have completed 34 weeks. If you look at a calendar this way is correct because at your due date you will have completed 40 weeks of pregnancy. Does that make sense? It's tricky to explain sometimes.
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So then... with a due date of June 1st I am a full 33 weeks and 3 days preggo, and not just starting week 33? :
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Originally Posted by Marvelleaux View Post

So then... with a due date of June 1st I am a full 33 weeks and 3 days preggo, and not just starting week 33? :
That's great! You are far enough along that, even if your baby came tomorrow (God forbid!), you could go to any local hospital and not need a fancier NICU!

(Does that sound weird/paranoid/cruel to say? I totally live for this kind of milestone for myself! 32 weeks will feel SOOOO good to me for this reason exactly!)

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Ahhhh, math! The joy of the pregnancy brain! Even my best friend (who is an astrophysicist by degree and a gov contractor working on all sorts of fancy-pants solid state physics stuff for the military) has trouble keeping track of pregnancy math. 40 weeks = 9 months = weeks completed/weeks in progress = errrrrrrrr...yeah

I know I change my ticker to reflect weeks completed (rather than weeks in progress). So when my care provider tells me on Wed that I am 33 weeks 1 day and due the first week of June I'll move my ticker sun one more click to the right (since technically I've only "finished" 33 weeks and am working on 34).

Jilian is right, counting back from the due date is the easiest DIY option, and even easier is asking your care provider what they are going with and start counting up from there.
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Wow, you guys are all so far ahead of me. lol!! I think I'm 31 weeks and a few days, due June 14th. Having too many contractions today. Very uncomfortable. Ouch!! Having two kids already makes it really hard to just sit and do nothing on these days too. I already worked at preschool, did some work for my job, and now I'm going to run to the accountants and then take the girls to gymnastics. Too bad life couldn't just slow down the last 8 weeks or so...Enough whining. This baby is still very active although she seems to sleep a lot at night which I hope will continue after she's born. And hopefully she'll stay put for at least another 5 weeks if not six...
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