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My SO is more AP than me..

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I don't know what I'm going to do with this guy He's fully aware dd slept with me until she was over two, because when he moved in with us she was still sleeping in my bed. So I asked him the other day when he planned on getting the bassinet set up in our room, and he said "Oh, within a few days of the baby being born". I've made it pretty clear I want to atleast try the baby out not sleeping with us because I ended up lacking sleep big time with dd due to back pain from not being able to sleep comfortably, so I asked where he thought the baby would sleep until then, and he said "Well, obviously with us."

I am super lucky to have this guy. He comes from a very mainstream family and didn't even flinch when I mentioned delayed vax (and his mom is a nurse), cloth diapers, or even a homebirth...but really..talk about making me feel like a bad mother..
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My dp is awesome like this also

Consider yourself very lucky because it is a joy to parent with someone who is in the same place as you!
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It is such a relief when you know your dp supports your totally non-mainstream parenting beliefs, isn't it?
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My DH doesn't ever express an opinion one way or the other. : So it's nice I don't have to deal with opposition but then again I never get any support either!
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My DH is also more AP than me in some areas... he's a big family bed advocate, but I'm a little concerned due to my sleeping habits that I'll squash the baby, and I have RLS so I tend to kick in my sleep. I want baby close by to start with, for nursing, comfort and ease, but I am making DH build a baby-extension for our King bed and the babe can sleep there. And I need my space and privacy, so I'm not so "family bed" minded after the first year, give or take. We'll see what life brings us I suppose.

The cloth diapering is another issue... I haven't quite got him on board with it whole-heartedly, he's insistent that HE is going to put sposies on the kid. While I agree that they have thier time and place, that time and place isn't JUST because dad is putting the diaper on!!
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i too am so lucky to have met SO...he isnt even vaxed!! and doesnt flinch at all about E being in my bed...and knows that ds2 (9) still cosleeps.

a breath of fresh air!

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that is so great you have that support! My Dh is great too. Our youngest (2.5) still sleeps with us some of the night. we use to have a bed for him in the other room. Dh said " i miss him when he isnt in bed with us, can he at least have a bed in our room?"
Its so great to hear how wonderful your DH is!
i dont blame you on the sleep though
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