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Back in the saddle again...

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Anybody else? How is it going?

DH and I dtd for the frst time PP last night:
The oral was great but the intercourse was just ok. I only had one orgasm and I had to kind of focus to get that one iykwim
DH lasted longer than I would have liked and it got really uncomfortable towards the end. I was about to tell him to stop when I realized he was about to 'finish'.

I know it's only been three weeks and it will get better. He is out of town for the next few nights which is hard but will give me a break. I figure when he gets back on Thurs I'll be ready again

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Hope to be real soon!!! My dh will be back soon and he has been asking me if I am "recovered" We are going to talk about acceptable limits of time he has to finish before we start though, thank you for reminding me
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That would be fun.

If only I would just. stop. bleeding.

But I need to remind myself that it's only been 4 weeks. I was done with the lochia by this time with DS1, but with DD I bled for 4 months pp.

I also tend to get my fertility back really quickly so nothing's happening until we figure out birth control first.
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I'm only one week PP, but my midwife gave me the go ahead as soon as we feel comfortable. I definitely am still a bit sore (one small perinium tear that didn't need any stitches) and so I'm thinking it will be a few days more. DH is looking forward to the "booty call" (as he calls it) later this week. I'm looking forward to being able to be face to face while being intimate!
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I am still spotting but I just wasn't willing to wait any longer.
Unfortunately, my fertility also resumes pretty quickly - 12 weeks last time while tandem nursing around the clock :
We figure we have 6 weeks, maybe 8 if we're feeling lucky of infertility. Hopefully DH will take care of matters sooner rather than later. I was really hoping to not use condoms again ever.

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Well, we dtd last night. He ket telling me he could wait and he was fine with that, he just got back last night. He is sweet, but I couldn't wait. There is one very good thing about him leaving, and thats when he comes home I know it was about 3 weeks last time also, and last time I remember it hurting. But it actually didn't hurt this time, I enjoyed myself quite a lot: Off to go float on air until my kids bring me back to reality...
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We did it at 2 weeks pp...not something planned, but it was fine. My biggest challenge is finding time with three young kids, one of whom sleeps in our bed. No spare bedrooms, etc.
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You guys are wild!

No thanks over here! Im STILL bleeding quite a bit its still red
And I still have alot of pain in my hips/sacro pelvic region from the SPD.

At this rate it will be 6 mos before we DTD again :
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We haven't yet, and to be honest I'm kind of nervous about it! (We probably would have earlier, but I had painful thrush in my breasts). I had an IUD inserted about 2 weeks ago, and from checking the strings I know that things have...erm..."shifted" down there I'm a little concerned with how it's going to feel!
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you ladies are brave, I still hurt to sit down and it has been four weeks. I had a lot of tearing tho and it is healing still...
it could be awhile for me...
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Well, DH and I DTD about 2 1/2 weeks PP. We've done it once or twice a week since then, so about 8 times? We've been using spermicidal gel, but we "forgot" once about 4 weeks PP. Now at 7 weeks PP I'm having some pink tinged discharge. Weird. Of course I'm nursing 24/7, and my cycle didn't come back until about 9 months PP last time, so I am hoping and praying that this discharge is just "leftover" lochia or something and not the beginning of my cycle returning. Anyone have any ideas?

Anyone kind of missing the pregnant orgasms? Mine have been great lately, I'm not complaining, but at the end of my pregnancy everything in the nether-regions had such great circulation that the orgasms were awesome!
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4 weeks post here and nothing yet. Just exhausted by the end of the day and baby sleeps with us too. Although I had a dream about it last night, so it may be time...
I may negotiate a massage for it though....hehe
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We did it around 2 weeks PP, and have continued on an almost-nightly basis. It hasn't been as great as during pregnancy, but it's been good enough for me!
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5 weeks pp here and still having some spotting so we haven't done anything yet. But with 7 kids, 2 of which cosleep, I'm not sure we would have found the time anyhow . My SPD is still actying up, esp if I am flat on my back so we will have to work around that. I'm only looking forward to it because it will mean we are back to our routine but I'm not really looking forward to it iykwim.
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Dh is begging for it at this point (2 wks pp) even though we waited 3 wks after ds was born. My mw had recommended waiting until one week after bleeding has stopped but that it was ok and wouldn't kill me if we couldn't wait. I'm on the fence. Had a good birth and such a tiny tear she didn't stitch...but it's still a little unnerving to think of putting anything in there right now!! Even 2wks pp I'm still in love with my peri bottle!
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My boobs are very much still off limits - fighting thrush and sore nipples, especially after the 2 hours of constant nursing it's taking to get Eli down for the night. I still have stitches from my 2nd degree tear and apparently will have to be re-stitched since it's not healing properly. It hurts to sit for long periods and if I do anything too spread-legged (like squating or getting out of the car too carelessly). And DH isn't home 4-5 nights a week, so I'm solely responsible for taking care of a newborn and toddler and getting nowhere near enough sleep.

So no, not back in the saddle at 4 weeks pp. I can't imagine wanting to be any time soon, and feel like a weirdo at the moment.
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Becca - don't feel like a weirdo. Everyone has different experiences and it isn't strange at all that you don't want to be dealing with that. Things will get better....
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I am 6 weeks almost 7 PP and nothing yet. I had my final mw appt yesterday and everything is healed up right. So maybe soon. Last time we wait 4 months that was a long time. But I really didn't want it either. Third degree tear kinda scared. This time I want it. So maybe this week we will dtd.
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Nothing here yet. I'm not bleeding so much now, but we will probably wait until I have my 6 wks PP checkup. I am sooo scared of getting pg again!
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oh heck yeah! People talk about a baby ruining your sex life but I think *pregnancy* ruined our sex life, seriously. We have to be all spontaneous now (yes we were your stereotypical-lesbian-3-hour-sex-sessions : ) which is kind of fun and feels like some kind of "mission" to have sex and orgasm before the baby wakes up- like afterwards we laugh and joke at sleeping Edie- "haha, we foiled you again little baby!!"
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