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New in NC

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Hello! My name is Becka. I live in NC with my DH, Chris, and my 3 wonderful lil ones: NIck, 7, Michele 4 and Wyatt 2 months.

I had a few friends on the board, so I decided to check it out! So far, I like what I see!!

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Hi! We are at Fort Bragg, NC.
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Welcome Becka!!!!!!! Glad You Are Here
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Welcome! I grew up in NC, lived in High Point and Raleigh.
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to MDC!
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Welcome!! I live in Cary, NC. I am fairly new to this board as well. Trying to maneuver myself around. I have one son, Elijah who is 5 months and a daughter, Isabel who is 3. I'm sooo excited because I just found a new pediatrician today who is extremely supportive of NFL!! Yeah!, It's such a relief.
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Welcome and glad you are here!
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Hello I'm Sharon currently living in Jacksonville NC but grew up in Shelby NC.
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Welcome...I live in Asheville...glad to see another NC mama!!!
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Enjoy yourself and welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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friends (and my mag subscription) are what lead me here too.
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Welcome to the community! Glad that you're here! :

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Welcome to the boards.
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Welcome to MDC!
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hello and welcome!
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Hi - welcome to the boards! I live in Scotland now, but spent all of my elementary school years in NC and still have lots of extended family there - I miss it!

Glad you found the boards!
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Welcome aboard!
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